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What we will discuss in today's newsletter: 

  1. PH Web3 Festival

The PH Web3 Festival Hangover

Monday, Nov. 14, the long week began for BitPinas. 

I asked Michael Lance to cover Philippine Startup Week conference (where BitPinas had a booth and a panel discussion with Coinbase, Coins.ph, and Maya).

Shiela and Nathan were hands on the press conferences of Philippine Web3 Festival and the separate press launch for BlockchainSpace’s Guild Hub. A lot of reporters in all these press conferences, Shiela and Nathan are in their home turf, together with reporters and journalists from mainstream publications. Nathan said one of the reporters from a broadcast publication was asking them about Sandbox, FTX.. It’s just a very small moment in the grand scheme of things, but I feel immensely proud of it, and I can't pinpoint why.

Oh where am I? I was in Legazpi some 500 kilometers south of Manila. Ownly and SparkPoint invited me to speak for Bicol Blockchain Conference to talk about the history of #CryptoPH.

So BitPinas was at three events at once. 

By Tuesday - Day 1 of PH Web3 Festival, we were hands on at Marquis Place. I was a bit late but still on time before Colin Goltra’s keynote about “A Brief History of CryptoPH”.

As an observer in this industry for more than 5 years now, it was a welcome trip down memory lane of everything that happened before the Axie boom. Simply put, all the work done in the previous years has prepared the country for the Axie boom, without a doubt. And Colin’s keynote celebrated all these undertakings, elevating them again to make sure these people and organizations are not brushed aside to fit narratives. (If someone is calling their project the “First” to do X, chances are someone did it before.)

Wednesday, the writers were in the Festival, while I was busy for the developer workshop we organized together with TZ APAC. It was another welcome meetup (There were 7 simultaneous side events around the same time if I remember correctly.)

At the Festival, GCash, the major sponsor, announced they will enter the space big time, with collaborations with local web3 projects, and the upcoming launch of GCrypto, which the community has been waiting since… May 2021? I feel there’s no way they are launching GCrypto next year. It will be this year. Come back to this newsletter if this turns out to be true.

Thursday, I had scheduled interviews and so I was going and out of the PHWeb3 Fest main conference hall. It was also a day of connecting with people and finally found time to check out the booths and exchange notes with colleagues in the industry. (Please watch out for my interviews I can't wait to publish them hehe.)

Friday, Axie Open Manila. I can honestly say that we enjoyed covering this one.

Esports is best experienced live, as they say, and our reporters certainly had a great time. 

The event was chock full of contents and I am nearly done with our full recap-review of the festival. Congratulations to the organizers and to everyone involved in making PH Web3 Festival. Onwards to next year!

Onwards to the news (We will include news up to today that’s published already on our site)


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