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About Us

The site’s aim and purpose

BitPinas is a Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Website. It aims to

  • Provide news and insights about bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain with a focus on the Philippines
  • Guides and Information about Cryptocurrencies
  • Information blockchain projects and initiatives in the country
  • Gives information on how and what we can do with bitcoin and cryptocurrency in our everyday life

The blog’s main tagline is “Useful Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Information for Every Filipino”. We aim to make sure our articles are clear and concise. We understand that the initial cryptocurrency audience mostly comes from a financial or technical background. But we also want to bring this information to everyone so that we can help in spreading bitcoin and cryptocurrency awareness in the country.

At Bitpinas, we’re just happy to share correct and positive information on blockchain/crypto space. We don’t want Filipinos to be victims of fraud involving crypto, and we strive to let people know that there’s a world beyond cryptocurrency prices, which is the blockchain.

And that we can invest in crypto ourselves, no need for someone else to do it for us.

Bitpinas’ extensive coverage of PH-related blockchain news led it to become a trusted media partner of the following events:

  1. Digital Transformation Summit 2018: Fintech and Blockchain Conference (March 2018)
  2. FinExpo 2018 – Traders Fair & Gala Night (April 2018)
  3. Beach Blockchain Conference (May 2018)
  4. CEZA Fintech Summit (May 2018)
  5. Baguio Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Summit (May 2018)
  6. Blockchain Asia Forum (May 2018)

The Staff

  • Ryuichi Tanaka – Director of Media
  • Mike Mislos – Head of Content and Website Manager
  • Je Gino Gino – Lead Writer
  • Check out our staff page here

Editorial Policy and Transparency

We maintain that all articles in BitPinas are free from technical jargon so that everyone who wants to start with bitcoin and cryptocurrency will understand them clearly. If the terms cannot be avoided, we try to explain them within the context of the articles.

What if the article is not clear?

If the article is not clear, please feel free to inquire about them by clicking “Inquire about this article” at the end of the post.

How will you cover news?

The team will cover news with absolute objectivity, with no influence from its owners and investors.

Does your writer own digital currencies?

BitPinas Writers can freely own cryptocurrencies. They can also freely select which service they use, such as which wallet to keep their coins, which exchange site to trade, etc. Writers may also choose to own certain cryptocurrencies or use certain cryptocurrency sites for the purpose of article research etc.

Do you endorse certain Cryptocurrencies or certain cryptocurrency sites?

We base our recommendations based on what users will like in a product. In our article “Bitcoin Sites in the Philippines“, wherein we compared all sites operating on the ground in PH, we mentioned that the user’s choice of a bitcoin site will depend on their needs. If they need a wallet, they can go to and Bitbit. If they want to trade and set their own price, they can go to Bittrex or CX.

Who Owns BitPinas

BitPinas is owned by Unicon Inc, which is engaged in mobile payments, gaming, and financial related media in Japan and Singapore. Any report concerning Unicon’s other products will be disclosed at the end of the article, such as this one.

Advertisements on Bitpinas

As of the moment,  the site is currently running advertisements from the Google Advertising network and affiliate links for the following cryptocurrency platforms: Quoinex, CEX, We have, on the site, links going to Amazon & Lazada.

Promotions on Bitpinas

If you wish to partner with our site, please check out this page.

Can I Submit my Event?

Contact Bitpinas in any of its channels or email support[at]

You can also invite us to your event via email.

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