About Us

BitPinas is a content website that promotes the sustained, positive growth of the Philippines FinTech Industry, especially cryptocurrency and blockchain, through information, news and education. It aims to:

  • Provide news and insights about bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain with a focus on building a positive ecosystem in the Philippines
  • Increase consumer understanding of the processes involved in safely buying and selling digital assets
  • Highlight blockchain projects and initiatives throughout the Southeast Asian region, especially relating directly to the Philippines
  • Provide information on how FinTech can have a positive impact in increasing financial inclusion in emerging economies.

We aim to make sure our posts are clear and concise. We understand that whilst the initial cryptocurrency audience mostly comes from a financial or technical background, we also want to bring this information to everyone so that we can help in awareness and FinTech literacy throughout the country.

At BitPinas, we strive to share correct and positive information about blockchain/crypto space and the people that work tirelessly to build the reputation of the industry. We don’t want Filipinos to be victims of fraud or financial crime of any sort.

We strive to let people know that there’s a world beyond cryptocurrency prices, that can lead to a stronger, more vibrant financial future.

Editorial Policy and Transparency

We maintain that all articles in BitPinas are free from technical jargon so that everyone who wants to start with bitcoin and cryptocurrency will understand them clearly. If the terms cannot be avoided, we try to explain them within the context of the articles.

The team will cover news with absolute objectivity and with the best interests of the community and the industry kept in mind. This will include researching and investigating rumours and allegations before posting anything, and will ensure that reporting sticks to the facts at hand rather than embellishments or accusations.

If an article is not clear and/or you have any concerns regarding the correctness or validity of an article or data presented within an article, please feel free to inquire about them by emailing news@bitpinas.com

The Staff

BitPinas Staff and Contributors are permitted to own cryptocurrency and they can also freely select which service they use, such as which wallet to keep their coins, or which exchange site to trade on, etc. BitPinas Staff and Contributors practice voluntary disclosure of relationship and/or crypto holding which they deem to be “material or that may impact perception of a given article”.  Check out our staff page here

Advertisements and Promotion BitPinas

BitPinas is funded through community and corporate support as well as through revenue generated through advertising networks such as the Google Advertising network. In addition to this direct revenue, BitPinas has a range of affiliate partnerships where revenue can be generated when traffic is sent from BitPinas to the affiliated website – these agreements do not dictate any editorial decisions taken by BitPinas staff and are considered incidental revenue by the organisation.

The table below outlines organisations which BitPinas have an ongoing relationship with (either supplier, vendor, or personal and commercial or non-commercial). If you have any specific questions about these commercial relationship, please contact support@bitpinas.com

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