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Get your brand in front of the largest audience of Filipino technology and cryptocurrency enthusiasts in one place.

BitPinas has a large source of targeted traffic every month due to the continue cycle of content being produced by the BitPinas team. Whilst BitPinas has a longstanding audience by crypto enthusiasts and blockchain investors, the bulk of the audience is an increasingly affluent middle class looking to educate themselves on the future of personal finance making them an ideal target market of many organisations.

Display Advertising Opportunities

Homepage Takeover – full brand exposure, high impact, all advertising slots for a given period.

Display advertising – get your ads displayed throughout the site on CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) or % Run of Site for a given period. Standard package will include Leaderboard, MREC and Mobile Banner.

Newsletter – deliver your brand direct to the BitPinas reader’s inbox alongside our weekly email newsletter.

Native Content – where appropriate, we can link users directly back to your site with paid content interspersed throughout the BitPinas content.

To learn about our sponsored content opportunities, you brand integrated purposefully into the BitPinas content, or to learn more about the BitPinas advertising opportunity email so that we can send you our media kit.