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Get featured in the most-read blockchain news website in the Philippines.

Are you looking to introduce your blockchain project in the Philippines?

BitPinas is the original news portal that covers blockchain and cryptocurrency related news in the Philippines. With regular articles posted daily, every read of BitPinas is updated with the current blockchain and crypto trends in the Philippines and abroad.

BitPinas is read by crypto enthusiasts and blockchain investors and Pioneers in  the Philippines, as evidenced by our extensive quoting of blockchain pioneers in our articles and our access to their events.

Advantages: Why Advertise on BitPinas

  • Highly Targeted Audience
  • Extensive Coverage
  • Be in front of crypto enthusiasts and blockchain investors and pioneers in the Philippines

With BitPinas, your blockchain or token-related project, whether it is an ICO or an event, is in front of the audience that matters, a highly-targeted audience that are 100% interested with blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Advertising Opportunities

Below is a list of advertising opportunities available at the moment at BitPinas.

Press Releases A fast and effective way of quickly announcing your ICO, blockchain project, or news
Sponsored Content Explain in a more in-depth way your ICO or blockchain project company to an audience that wants solid information straight from the source.
Featured Events Listing Get a prominent highlight on our events page

BitPinas is the trusted partner media of the following events:

  1. Digital Transformation Summit 2018: Fintech and Blockchain Conference (March 2018)
  2. FinExpo 2018 – Traders Fair & Gala Night (April 2018)
  3. Beach Blockchain Conference (May 2018)
  4. CEZA Fintech Summit (May 2018)
  5. Baguio Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Summit (May 2018)
  6. Blockchain Asia Forum (May 2018)
  7. Blocklab 1.0 Initiate (August 2018)
  8. CEZA Tokyo Event (August 2018)
  9. Token News Philippines Launch (August 2018)
  10. Blockchain Fair Asia Forum (October 2018)

Contribution to Blockchain Awareness in the Country

The goal of Bitpinas is to deliver and promote correct information on blockchain and cryptocurrency in the Philippines. We promote events in the country that deals with blockchain awareness at the grassroots level. We also write articles that are consistent with our goal of providing intelligent information about this disrupting technology that everyone can understand.

Bitpinas Growth Highlights

  • We are the only website that delivers consistent news about blockchain and crypto in the Philippines
  • Bitpinas has positions in several important cryptocurrency keywords at the search engines
  • We have been invited to several events that are key to promoting blockchain in the Philippines

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