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Get featured in the most-read blockchain news website in the Philippines.

Are you looking to introduce your blockchain project in the Philippines?

BitPinas is the original news portal that covers blockchain and cryptocurrency related news in the Philippines. With regular articles posted daily, every read of BitPinas is updated with the current blockchain and crypto trends in the Philippines and abroad.

BitPinas is read by crypto enthusiasts and blockchain investors and Pioneers in  the Philippines, as evidenced by our extensive quoting of blockchain pioneers in our articles and our access to their events.

Advantages: Why Advertise on BitPinas

  • Highly Targeted Audience
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  • Be in front of crypto enthusiasts and blockchain investors and pioneers in the Philippines

With BitPinas, your blockchain or token-related project, whether it is an ICO or an event, is in front of the audience that matters, a highly-targeted audience that are 100% interested with blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Advertising Opportunities

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