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Advertise on Bitpinas

Bitpinas is the only website that focuses on blockchain and cryptocurrency-related news in the Philippines. With regular articles posted daily, every reader of Bitpinas is up-to-date with the current blockchain and crypto trends in the Philippines and abroad.

With Bitpinas, your blockchain or token-related project or event is in front of the audience that matters.

Bitpinas’ extensive coverage of PH-related blockchain news led it to become a trusted media partner of the following events:

  1. Digital Transformation Summit 2018: Fintech and Blockchain Conference (March 2018)
  2. FinExpo 2018 – Traders Fair & Gala Night (April 2018)
  3. Beach Blockchain Conference (May 2018)
  4. CEZA Fintech Summit (May 2018)
  5. Baguio Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Summit (May 2018)
  6. Blockchain Asia Forum (May 2018)

Majority of our readers are from the Philippines with a sizeable percentage coming from the U.S, Japan, and Southeast Asia.

Contribution to Blockchain Awareness in the Country

The goal of Bitpinas is to deliver and promote correct information on blockchain and cryptocurrency in the Philippines. We promote events in the country that deals with blockchain awareness at the grassroots level. We also write articles that are consistent with our goal of providing intelligent information about this disrupting technology that everyone can understand.

Bitpinas Growth Highlights

  • We are the only website that delivers consistent news about blockchain and crypto in the Philippines
  • Bitpinas has positions in several important cryptocurrency keywords at the search engines
  • We have been invited to several events that are key to promoting blockchain in the Philippines

Advertising Opportunities

Bitpinas can provide several advertising opportunities for interested companies’ blockchain projects:

  • Press Releases
    • Press releases are the perfect way to announce or launch a blockchain project or token.
      • Regular Press Releases are part of the article stream.  They naturally get pushed out of the homepage once there are enough new articles to put your release to the second page
        • Soon, Press Releases will also have its own widget in the sidebar.
      • Pinned Press Release stays on top of the article stream for 2 weeks. (Maximum of 2 pinned PR per any given day for now)
  • Sponsored Content
    • You may wish to submit content that is not in the press release format or we can write the content for you.
      • Submit to us your sponsored article and we will do minor editing
      • We write the article for you. The article will be labeled “sponsored”
  • Native AD
    • This is a form of paid media that follows the natural user experience where it is placed. In Bitpinas, a native advertisement can be placed between articles on the homepage. A user clicking on them will be directed to the intended destination page as designated by the sponsor.
      • The native media is part of the article stream on the homepage. A user clicking on the native media will be redirected to the intended page designated by the sponsor.

On Submissions Regarding ICOs

Bitpinas will not publish press release/content submissions that are about Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). For blockchain projects, kindly tweak your submissions so that your article talks about your project and not your ICO.

Again, please submit content related to your blockchain projects, not your ICOs.  You can also avail of sponsored content if you wish us to tweak your article instead.

What Advertisements are not allowed?

In order to save you time, Bitpinas will not run press releases/submissions referring to the following topics, even if they are cryptocurrency or ICO-related:

  1. Casino
  2. Gambling
  3. Drugs
  4. Adult entertainment-related projects
  5. Pornography
  6. Guns
  7. ICO-focused submissions


Advertising Type Classification Notes
Press Releases Regular PR Stays forever on the site, but gets pushed out of the first page once new articles are published.
Pinned PR Stays forever on the site, stays for weeks in the homepage
Sponsored Content Regular (minor editing) Stays forever on the site, but gets pushed out of the first page once new articles are published
Special (we write the content) Stays forever on the site but gets pushed out of the first page once new articles are published OR we can also write the content for you to use somewhere else
Native Ads Regular Guaranteed 3rd position in the homepage for 1 week.
    * Notes: All forms of advertisements will be disclosed.