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Press Release

Press releases are the perfect way to announce or launch a blockchain project or token!

Press Release Benefits

  • Your blockchain project is in front of an audience that are enthusiasts of cryptocurrency and blockchain, thereby an audience with a potential to convert to your project.
  • The “Pinned” PR puts your project in front of other articles for 2 weeks.
  • Bitpinas is read by international and local investors/founders who are into blockchain projects, including potential partners for your blockchain initiative. Your project is in front of these people if you submit a press release to our website.

Press Release Rate

  • $49 Standard Press Releases are part of the article stream.  They naturally get pushed out of the homepage once there are enough new articles to put your release to the second page
    • Soon, Press Releases will also have its own widget in the sidebar.
  • $79 Pinned Press Release stays on top of the article stream for 2 weeks (Maximum of 2 per any given day for now)

Send Your Press Release!


Guidelines for Press Release Submissions and Sponsored Content:

  1. You will only pay if the press release/sponsored content is approved.
  2. Please follow PR standards for Press Releases:
  3. Only 1 image is allowed with a maximum 750px width. Your image will be reduced to fit these criteria.
  4. Only one link is allowed within the article body and one at the bottom of the press release. The links should also be domain type and posted as is.

Instructions for Submissions

  1. Fill out the contact form above.
  2. Once we evaluate the press release/sponsored content, if there are no more modification request from our part, payment instructions will be sent over email. (Note that the advertiser must shoulder any fees from the payment).
  3. Upon confirmation of the payment, we will post the article on the date decided upon in the previous email.