How to Buy, Sell, Trade in Cryptopia with Bitcoins for Altcoins

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With Abra being the wallet for 20 cryptocurrencies and now open to bitcoin, ethereum, and bitcoin cash, you may wonder where to get other tokens in the Philippines. One is by opening an account in a foreign cryptocurrency exchange website like Cryptopia.

Some coins are not listed on the bigger exchanges because their volume is not yet substantial. Here’s where sites like Cryptopia comes in.


Cryptopia is a cryptocurrency exchange site that you can use without KYC. It also has a two-factor security that lets you log in using your registered email plus your registered 4-8 digit pin.

One of the highlights of Cryptopia is its Marketplace where consumers are able to buy and auction goods such as cars, paintings, gems, etc.

If you just want BTC, ETH, or BCH you can use Philippine-based apps such as, and Abra.

Altcoins to buy in Cryptopia

How to Sign Up for Cryptopia from the Philippines

Registering in Cryptopia is easy. Go to their official website, check the upper right corner, and Register. Create a username and put an active email address. In the password part, you will need to make all the necessary red texts (xUppercase, xLowercase) turn into green. It will then ask you a 4-8 digit pin code that you will use whenever you log in addition to your email and password. Click “I’m not a robot” and then “Register”.
Check your email for verification and you’re all set.

How to Fund your Cryptopia Account

Cryptopia doesn’t have a direct PHP to cryptocurrency exchange but instead has a huge selection of cryptocurrency to choose from. After registering and verifying, you will see the bitcoin logo near your Username on the upper right side of the screen. Hover your mouse over it and you’ll see the word Deposit. Choose the currency of your choice or you can type it in. For the sake of this article, we will go with bitcoin. Cryptopia will give you a BTC address and QR code that you can use to fund your account.

How to transfer BTC to Cryptopia?

Send your bitcoin from another wallet (like or Bitbit) to Cryptopia. Instructions should be similar from how we transfer bitcoins to Bittrex using our wallet apps. Check out this article: How to Transfer BTC to Bittrex Using, BuyBitcoin, and Abra.

Going to Exchange

After funding your account, you’re now ready to go to Exchange, which is on the left side of the screen. Hover your mouse and click Markets. You’ll be on the same screen like the image above. For the sake of this article, we will choose DASH.

You can either scroll down or type DASH. Your screen will load to give you the trading history of your chosen crypto. Scroll down a bit and you’ll see Buy DASH and Sell Orders. You may want to check the Sell Orders and choose the right amount of DASH you want to have at a good BTC price. After choosing, the Buy DASH panel will give you the breakdown.

  • Amount is for the amount of DASH you’ll get.
  • Price is the price of BTC to DASH.
  • Sum is the total amount of BTC to total amount of DASH without fees.
  • Fee is Cryptopia fee and other fees. Total is the total amount of BTC you will need to buy DASH.

For more information on how cryptocurrency exchanges work and other necessary introductory information, check out Beginners Guide on How to Buy Altcoins from Bittrex. While the article is about Bittrex, the process should be almost identical.

READ: Important Tips Before Buying Altcoins in Cryptopia

  1. Try buying altcoins in small amounts first before you go all out.
    1. But only invest in an amount you can afford to lose!
  2. Before buying your chosen altcoin, have your altcoin wallet ready. Keeping your altcoin in crypto-exchanges is not safe as they are prone to hackers. Our recommended cryptocurrency wallets can be found here.

Also, it is important to note that since this is not a big exchange, expect that its customer support might not be top notch. As a precaution, even in the bigger exchanges, always test using small amounts first, an amount you are comfortable to sleep upon.

Overall Cryptopia – Philippines

Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange site is not as beginner friendly as other sites available on the net but it gives you the freedom to choose the best trading price. It also has a Marketplace where you can buy, sell, or even join in an auction using cryptocurrencies. Lastly, it can be a gateway to altcoins you won’t see on the major exchanges.

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