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GCrypto Unveils New Look for In-App Crypto Trading

Photo for the Article - GCrypto Unveils New Look for In-App Crypto Trading

By Nath Cajuday and Michael Mislos

GCrypto, the crypto trading feature of GCash, has launched a new and improved interface with enhanced functionality.

What’s the significance? The new design aims to provide a more user-friendly experience, making it easier for users to navigate the app and manage their crypto assets efficiently.

How it works:

  • Home Page: Displays portfolio value, top five assets, and available balance.
  • Market Page: Shows available tokens and their current prices.
  • Transactions Page: Lists transaction history.
  • Portfolio Page: Displays all owned assets.

Zooming out: While the new features are a welcome announcement, these are still features already available in other crypto apps; and they are usually features immediately available in day one.

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“As the youngest of the local exchanges, we acknowledge that GCash and GCrypto have some catching-up to do before it can reach the same level of polish that our other local counterparts enjoy,” said Mark Nunez, GCash’s Head of Partnerships for Crypto and Web3

What to watch next: Nunez expects more changes and improvements in the GCrypto app soon.

“The GCrypto app that we all see is the only part of our business that is directly visible to the public, but many changes and improvements have happened behind the scenes over the last year. These include our personnel, our business processes, and even the way we interact with the community.”

[Note: BitPinas is news provider for GCrypto’s social channels.]

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