LAToken Crypto Exchange Review Philippines

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May 3, 2019 – LAToken, founded in 2017, is a fast-growing decentralized exchange focusing on liquidity for new tokens. They currently have more than 300,000 registered traders and counting. The exchange offers advanced trading features, a crypto-fiat gateway, and instant exchange.

The platform is not blockchain-based, but instead, is built based on DAG technology, which allows unprecedented trading volumes of up to 100,000 transactions.

LAToken also plans to launch asset tokens such as stocks, real estate, artworks, etc. on their platform soon. The developers already piloted the trading of blue chips shares (like Amazon and Apple) and commodities (like oil and gold).


The trading platform currently offers 320 trading pairs, and according to their website, new pairs are being added every week. The four common pairs are BTC, ETH, USDT, as well as LA, the native token of the exchange. Furthermore, Security Token Offerings (STOs) are also supported.

For some reason, some popular altcoins like LTC, XRP, XMR, and others are not available.


LA, a utility token, is the native cryptocurrency of the exchange. Besides the LAToken platform, LA is also listed on seven other exchanges including OKEx, KuCoin, HitBTC, etc.

The platform incentivizes users to use LA by offering fee discounts when using it.


Trading fees are normally 0.1% for the other pairs and 0.05% for LA pairs.

Deposits are free while withdrawal fees change according to market and blockchain conditions.


The exchange employs strong security features such as offline storage of funds and encryption of private keys with AES-256ā€”the same technology used by the U.S. government to protect classified information. On top of that, the platform requires Two-Factor Authentication for withdrawals and other account changes.

LAToken also safeguards itself from cyber-attacks using DDOS protection.


As of April 9, the platform has launched 4 IEOsā€”Green Funding Platforms, AMUSE, Social Good, and Agro Exchange. Then, MECA Coin joined the list shortly last April 15.

Not much is known about their IEO offerings so far. And unlike other exchanges, LAToken didnā€™t create a particular name (like Binance Launchpad, KuCoin Spotlight) for their IEO platform.

Bottom-line is, LAToken is still in development and would likely improve over time as the team is very innovative. Their planned asset tokenization and lightning-fast decentralized trading are very interesting features.

They seem to take system security quite seriously and have listed a lot of tokens that are unavailable to most exchanges.

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Resources: LAToken, Coinmarketcap, Cointelligence, Medium

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