Metacrafters Founders Visit Top Universities in the Philippines for Educational Roadshow

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  • Metacrafters conducted an educational roadshow to universities in the Philippines to introduce students to Web3 learning.
  • Co-founders, Sheila Marcelo and Kevin Yang, talked to several universities and emphasized the importance of offering educational access through online platforms like Metacrafters.
  • The co-founders stressed the importance of building meaningful projects for IT students who want to be competitive in the space and land a job after graduation.

Educational firm Proof of Learn, the company behind the “part game, part learning” platform, has recently conducted and educational roadshow to universities in the country. The roadshow is said to visit other educational institutions until February 14.

Aiming to “introduce students to Web3 learning and build with Metacrafters,” Metacrafters co-founders Sheila Marcelo and Kevin Yang talked to Jose Rizal University on February 8, Ateneo de Manila University and Far Eastern University on February 9, University of the Philippines Diliman on February 10, and Draper Startup House on February 10.

In her talk at UP Diliman, Marcelo emphasized the importance of offering educational access through online platforms like what Metacrafters is doing because not everyone has access to a university. However, she clarified that both are still needed and important:

“The challenge we have in the university system is because its buildings (need) huge capital investments-it’s not available at all, not everyone can access, not everyone can afford, and not everyone can get in. And so how do you create educational access for others so that they can assist you and gives you that? And I think both are needed. I very much value the university experience, it is just the challenge we have is how do we make it accessible to more people around the world.”

“If you’re an IT student and you’re really looking to be competitive in this space and land a job after, you really have to build meaningful projects. Have you built really cool projects that you can show to an employer?”

“Because let’s see, we’re hiring right at Metacrafters. The first thing that we’ll do is we will look at the programs this person has built. Is it just the normal programs or is it something pretty cool, like has this person built a game, has this person built actually a custom chatGPT bot, which we’re going to teach on our platform.”

“And so that’s why we’re really excited to introduce in our courses, project-based curriculum where you can add it to your portfolio, you can be more competitive in this space and you can get set apart right because you’re not only learning the fundamentals which are extremely important like Java, data structures, algorithms, but you’re also going to learn., the most cutting-edge next gen skills.”

On February 10, the Metacrafters co-founders visited the Web3 Philippines community at Draper Startup House Manila. BitPinas’ Michael Lance covered the event.

In his Facebook announcement, Ken Garacho, the senior community manager of Metacrafters, stressed that the platform’s University Tour in the country is until February 14, 2023. The tour also targets schools under “Ipeople,” namely, Mapua University, Mapua Malayan Colleges Laguna, Mapua Malayan Colleges Mindanao, Mapua Malayan Digital College, University of Nueva Caceres, APEC Schools, and the NTC.

Metacrafters was launched in May 2022 by Proof of Learn. According to Marcelo, the platform’s goal is to make education accessible globally and help students learn while earning cryptocurrency.

In the same month, it started its pilot program that will allow close to a thousand YGG scholars access to its Learn-to-Earn platform.

Metacrafters is also active in looking for builders to be part of its team. To be updated about the available jobs in the crypto industry, visit:

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