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Web3 Game Pixels Online Explores Possible Telegram-Based Game

Photo for the Article - Web3 Game Pixels Online Explores Possible Telegram-Based Game

Pixels Founder Luke Barwikowski announced plans to expand the Pixels ecosystem with potential new games, including a Telegram-based game.

What’s the Significance: A Telegram-based game would allow Pixels to tap into an app that already has 900 million users, increasing the number of users they can onboard into the main Pixels Online game.

Key Quote

“We’re looking at maybe kicking off another one on Telegram. That’s like a side experiment. Telegram’s an interesting ecosystem, we might dip our toes there.”

Luke Barwikowski, Founder, Pixels Online

What’s driving this news? In an interview, Barwikowski mentioned plans to expand Pixels’ intellectual property beyond the Ronin Network to explore play-to-earn models on iOS and Android. These plans include collaborating with external developers for new game franchises and business expansions.

Photo for the Article - Web3 Game Pixels Online Explores Possible Telegram-Based Game

How will this franchise expansion work?

  1. The internal team will set the vision and strategy.
  2. Planning will focus on user acquisition for the new games.
  3. External studios will handle game development.
  4. The Pixels team will integrate blockchain elements into the developed games.
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What’s Next: The Pixels team is developing an in-house lore bible to guide external studios in creating new games.

Pixels Live Stream AMA

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