Tezos APAC: PH is One of the Fastest Adopters of Blockchain Tech

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By Shiela Bertillo

Katherine Ng, Marketing Head of Tezos Asia Pacific (TZ APAC), one of the leading adoption entities supporting the Tezos ecosystem in Asia, expressed their willingness to  help accelerate the growth opportunities with blockchain technology in the Philippines by deploying Tezos’ ecosystem growth grants program locally.

“We have received a tremendous amount of support in the APAC region and are looking forward to developing a growing blockchain community in the Philippines with a hyperlocal approach. As the Philippines is one of the world’s fastest adopters of blockchain technology, particularly in the blockchain gaming play-to-earn segment, we would like to help accelerate the growth opportunities in this space by deploying our ecosystem growth grants program locally, with local stakeholders in the Philippines.” Ng said.

She explained TZ APAC ‘s plans to launch a community program in the Philippines next year to tap into the blockchain gaming markets, focusing on vulnerable populations that have lost their jobs due to the pandemic, and help grow local blockchain developer talent.

Last month, on August 4, Tezos, a Proof-of-Stake blockchain network, announced its strategic commitment to the Asia Pacific region through TZ APAC. 

The strategic regional commitment will add up to prior successes such as Tezos integration with BSN, the China state blockchain network, ride hailing app Tada, and on-going collaborations with big tech companies such as IBM and Microsoft. TZ APAC will deploy new investments in the region across business development and marketing, and launch a new strategic partnership with Tezos India to drive developer education and recruitment.

TZ APAC also announced the Ecosystem Growth Grants (EGG) program, a relations program that aims to cultivate new ideas through small-level funding and will provide direct funding to creators and developers exploring the Tezos network. EGG program expands the reach of the Tezos community to new builders and creators to act as a springboard for early-stage concepts, from NFT platforms to developer tooling to DeFi building blocks. The program is managed in partnership with Tezos India.

“We are grateful for the strong support we have received in the APAC region, and are proud to be headquartered in Singapore, a global hub for fintech and innovation. We look forward to developing a burgeoning community and empowering everyone with equal opportunities to radically transform the blockchain landscape in the region.” Ng stated.

Julian Low, TZ APAC Director of Business Development, noted that building on the Tezos blockchain is the ideal long-term solution to reducing the environmental impact of digital technologies, through energy-efficient solutions. 

“Through TZ APAC and its 360-degree support system, we want to create meaningful partnerships in the Asia Pacific region.”  he added.

For the year ahead, TZ APAC looks forward to engaging with the global community through the upcoming Singapore Fintech Festival, happening in November 2021, to showcase the strength and evolution of the Tezos blockchain.

This article is published on BitPinas: Tezos APAC: PH is One of the Fastest Adopters of Blockchain Tech

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[…] This article is published on BitPinas: Tezos APAC CEO: PH is One of the Fastest Adopters of Blockchain Tech […]

[…] This article is published on BitPinas: Tezos APAC CEO: PH is One of the Fastest Adopters of Blockchain Tech […]

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