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Tier One Entertainment Survey Reveals Plans to Explore NFTs, Web3

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  • Tier One Entertainment is asking its community about their insights about crypto, blockchain, play-to-earn, and NFTs.
  • A separate survey is asking developers about the challenges and benefits of building in the web3 space.
  • CEO Tryke Gutierrez said their first priority is a full comprehensive understanding of the whole space before rallying their community in that direction.

Southeast Asia’s esports & gaming touchstone, Tier One Entertainment is conducting a community survey asking its followers about their thoughts on Web3 and its ecosystem. A separate survey is asking developers and builders in the Web3 space about their insights into the industry.

Community Survey:
Blockchain Developer Survey:

Web3 (or Web 3.0) refers to the next iteration of the world wide web that focuses on the user creating or owning (and even monetizing) their content and identity, as opposed to web 2.0 where platforms and social networking sites are content gatekeepers. 

“We want to understand the point of view of successful and aspiring developers by getting their perspective on the following: Motivation on creating a project in Web3, challenges and priorities for a successful launch, and strategies to provide sustainability to the project/game, so that we can identify the synergies we can create with new and existing Web3 projects.”

Chezka Gonzales, Web3 Business Lead at Tier One Entertainment

Respondents of the Tier One Entertainment surveys are automatically admitted to a raffle for a chance to win SIBOL jerseys, Blacklist International jerseys, and other Tier One merchandise. SIBOL is the Philippine National Esports Team, while Blacklist is Tier One’s esports division.

Tier One Community Survey About Blockchain and Crypto

In the community survey, Tier One is asking about their followers’ familiarity with blockchain and cryptocurrency, whether or not they have owned cryptocurrencies, and their motivation to have one. 

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With regards to play-to-earn and NFTs, Tier One is asking about the reasons for owning NFTs, and the enjoyable aspects of play-to-earn gaming.

Finally, the survey is asking what perks the Tier One community wants to have and the kind of events they wish to participate in the future. 

Last year, the Philippines was reportedly the global play-to-earn capital, as more than half of the players of the blockchain game Axie Infinity are from the country. According to Beryl Chavez-Li, cofounder of Yield Guild Games (YGG), play-to-earn has democratized access to finance, allowing players to earn while still having fun. In YGG, for example, “You can choose among the games that we tokenized, or maybe apply to be a scholar or be part of an esports team. You can meet people and decide what you want to build or not, purely just to have fun, while at the same time get rewarded for doing so,” she relayed to BitPinas.

Ethereum firm ConsenSys also reported in an interview with BitPinas that the Philippines has the most number of MetaMask wallet users. A more recent survey suggests one in three Filipino gamers would quit their regular jobs if they can earn from playing games full-time.

Tier One Blockchain Survey

In a separate survey targeted to business professionals in the web3  space, Tier One is asking why they choose to build in Web3 and what opportunities are present there that are not in Web2. 

Tier One is also asking what challenges developers face in terms of monetization, user engagement, and customer retention in their projects.

With regards to engaging with guilds, Tier One specifically asked about the challenges and benefits realized when working with them. Guilds, such as Yield Guild Games, refer to organizations that have a large player base ready to play blockchain games that the guild invested in.

Finally, the survey asks about security audits, their blockchain of choice, game economics, and how developers are making sure the web 3 project remains sustainable in the long run. It inquired about specific mechanisms (such as burning and floor sweeps).

Tier One CEO Tryke Gutierrez on Web 3.0 Plans

Tier One CEO Tryke Guttierrez is vocal about play-and-earn and NFTs, a space the company has been following for a long time.

In a Facebook post after the Tier One team attended the Metaverse GameFi event, Gutierrez admitted that a lot of people have already asked him about their plans for Web3.

“Position is key in anything and thus being able to meet people native in the space is our priority for now in order to give us a comprehensive understanding of the whole space,” he said, noting that while the crypto space is new for their journey, he remains cautious before introducing it to the Tier One community, which right now, has exceeded more than 100 million followers across its brands, content creators, gaming talents, and influencers.

“I’m super excited to further explore it but with thousands of communities behind us, we have to make sure that we do the proper due diligence to fully see the landscape first before we rally everyone into a certain direction. Exciting times ahead!”

Tryke Guttierrez, CEO of Tier One Entertainment

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