UNBOX CON 2022 to Introduce NFT Event Tickets and Other Digital Innovations

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Two years into the pandemic and as the cases start to decline, physical events are starting to bounce back. One of which is the upcoming Unbox Con 2022 – set to be the premier convention for collectors– whether it be sneakers, cards, figures, etc. But what sets it apart from the traditional events is the innovative and tech approach of offering tickets in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT).

Unbox Con will introduce the country’s first convention digital collectible with their new NFT VIP Tickets. These platinum NFT VIP tickets can be minted in the NFT marketplace OpenSea starting on May 14. There are only 300 tickets available and the ticket will provide a variety of perks such as; a 1 Hour Early Access to Unbox Con so they can purchase event-exclusive drops ahead of everyone else, access to the VIP Event Lounge with free food and drinks, limited Edition Shirt and Tactical Tote Bag designed by Technical Design Firm SNK ATK. They will also receive perks for succeeding Unbox Con events in the future.

Moreover, in a partnership with e-commerce firm Lazada, regular attendees will also no longer need to purchase physical tickets over the counter nor line up for hours just to buy tickets at the venue. Through the Lazada app, attendees can now effortlessly buy Silver or Gold tickets for the event.

Purchased tickets will be stored in the Lazada app of the customer in the form of a QR Code. The entrance team in the venue will just scan the QR code on the app of the attendee for quick and hassle-free access.

The one-day event will be on June 18, 2022, at the SMX Manila Convention Center. Over 100 exhibitors and merchants prepared to sell a variety of items, from desirable goods to limited drops by companies like DBTK, WetWorks, Above the Ankle, and others will be participating. The event will also include DJ performances, creator panel discussions, and live NBA card box breaks with celebrities/PBA players. 

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