Een Mercado Headlines Web3 Metaversity’s New Course Offering

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Editing by Nathaniel Cajuday

  • Online learning platform Web3 Metaversity will be offering a new course on content creation and streaming to cater to the growing industry in the industry. 
  • The course, “Being a Content Creator in Web3,” will be taught by YGG Content Lead Een Mercado and will cover topics such as personal branding, streaming equipment, and recommended software for novice creators.
  • Mercado will also be joining YGG Scholarship and Community Managers and guest speakers such as YGG Pilipinas Country Head Luis Buenaventura in community huddles that encourage open forums to discuss the latest industry updates.

Eight months after its launch, online learning platform Web3 Metaversity will be offering a new course to cater to the growing content creation and streaming industry in the Philippines.

The new course at YGG Metaversity, “Being a Content Creator in Web3,” which will be available on the platform within a few months, will have YGG Content Lead and content creator Een Mercado as the instructor. 

“Content creation has become more relevant because people want to consume more media that helps them learn new things, engage with like-minded people, and grow together as members of the Web3 space,” Mercado stated.

The “Being a Content Creator in Web3” Course

In a statement, YGG stressed that it recognizes the importance of digitizing the economy and is actively advocating for measures to bolster the country’s digital infrastructure. 

According to the guild, this new course could increase prospects for individuals and brands to expand their presence in the digital realm and motivate them to explore new avenues to engage with their respective target audiences.

YGG also highlighted that as the web3 industry expands, it is important to provide reliable and trustworthy sources of information for newcomers to utilize in order to take advantage of income-generating opportunities. 

“The stigma around content creation not being a proper profession is now out of the window,” Mercado noted.

The upcoming course will discuss various topics, including the creation of a personal brand, the essential streaming equipment required, recommended software for novice creators, and more. 

Additionally, Mercado will provide insights into determining earning opportunities and the appropriate content to utilize for specific topics.

The Promotion

To further engage ‌students with the new offering and to easily respond to inquiries, Mercado will participate in community huddles alongside YGG Scholarship and Community Managers, as well as with guest speakers such as Luis Buenaventura. 

These huddles are expected to promote open forums where attendees can discuss the most recent developments in the industry.

“With the newest course on Web3 Metaversity, the digital space will be easier to navigate and communicate to different target audiences, especially as the Philippine economy starts to expand online,” YGG concluded. 

The Web3 Metaversity

The Web3 Metaversity, which ‌was introduced in August last year, is a product of the partnership between Yield Guild Games, a play-to-earn gaming guild, and the online community platform Nas Academy of Nuseir Yassin, most commonly known as Nas Daily. 

It ‌is currently led by YGG Country Manager Luis Buenaventura and aims to educate newly onboarded crypto newbies and anyone who wants to learn about web3, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the metaverse as a whole.

Last February, YGG revealed that its Web3 Metaversity has attracted 800 students since its launch. 

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