YGG Unveils New Logo and Decentralized Brand System for Community Empowerment

Yield Guild Games (YGG) launches a refreshed logo and innovative decentralized brand system, enabling community members to design unique logos while promoting collaboration and collective play.

Photo for the Article - YGG Unveils New Logo and Decentralized Brand System for Community Empowerment

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Editing by Nathaniel Cajuday. Feature image from Mark Tan.

  • Yield Guild Games (YGG) has introduced a new logo and decentralized brand system for its community members.
  • The rebrand aims to empower the community to participate in shaping the guild’s identity, focusing on collaboration and collective play.
  • YGG’s decentralized brand system allows subDAOs and subguilds to create unique logos while visually aligning themselves with the broader YGG network.

Blockchain gaming guild Yield Guild Games (YGG) recently showcased its reimagined logo. The guild also launched a dynamic brand system, empowering its community members to design their own unique logos. The initiative focuses on encouraging the community to participate in shaping the guild’s identity.

Presenting the new Yield Guild Games brand! Jen Yu tells us went down behind the scenes!

YGG Co-founder Gabby Dizon said, “The rebrand represents an extensible branding system that can be used by any web3 group/guild/DAO.”

Photo for the Article - YGG Unveils New Logo and Decentralized Brand System for Community Empowerment

In a blog post, YGG emphasized that the transformation aims to inaugurate a new era of the guild model, which prioritizes collaboration and collective play:

“YGG’s core mission is ‘when we play together, we unlock more opportunities together’ as a means to help each other level up both in games and in life.”

YGG’s Rebrand and New Logo

“We believe that this rebrand will help showcase YGG as a gaming guild that is truly representative of our community… The team is excited to introduce other products that are in the works that will help grow the YGG ecosystem further,” Dizon explained.

Jen Yu, Head of Design at YGG, mentioned that the guild’s novel approach would enable the community to express themselves through the YGG brand:

“The spirit of togetherness is also about inclusion: about welcoming new people to the community, no matter where they came from… It’s about helping each other, persevering together, and riding highs and lows together as one giant family. All of our design choices are about welcoming everyone into the community.”

Decentralized Brand System: Runes and Building Blocks

In addition to its rebranding, YGG now also introduces its “building blocks” concept, a decentralized brand system, to all community members and subDAOs.

Drawing inspiration from the symbology of runes found in medieval lore and gaming culture, YGG has developed an illustration system that allows any YGG subDAO and subguild to create their own distinctive guild logo or house sigil while “visually aligning themselves with the broader YGG network.”

YGG highlighted, “Here, the runes represent the community, where each block is a person that is a part of the whole.”

Emphasizing Inclusivity and Collaboration

Photo for the Article - YGG Unveils New Logo and Decentralized Brand System for Community Empowerment

Regarding the new design of the guild’s logo, YGG’s design team shared that they aimed to “stay true to the lore and history of guilds while taking a modern and contemporary approach to the YGG logo that gamers of all ages can get behind.”

Yu emphasized, “Given our context of web3 and DAOs, we needed to re-examine what branding means when ownership, governance, and participation are no longer dictated by a single authority, when in fact, a brand is something everyone in the community can help mold and stretch into their unique expression that contributes to the whole.”

Other YGG Initiatives

Guild Advancement Program

Recently, YGG successfully raised $13.8 million via a soulbound reputation tokens sale to support their decentralization initiatives such as the Guild Advancement Program (GAP) which incentivizes members that make contributions to their community. 


YGG Elite

To increase their competitive web3 gaming prowess, the guild’s premier esports team YGG Elite recruited well-known Axie Infinity top player Spamandrice. He was the champion of the Axie Open Manila 2022, where he won against more than 195 other players from across the globe. 


Web3 Metaversity

First launched in 2022, online learning platform Web3 Metaversity is a product of a collaboration between YGG and online community platform Nas Academy. It helps to educate newly onboarded, crypto newbies and anyone who wants to learn about web3, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the metaverse. Last Month, they revealed that they were able to onboard 800 learners since its launch. 


Philippine Web3 Festival

Inaugurated last November, YGG in collaboration with BlockchainSpace organized the Philippine Web3 Festival. The week-long event gathered crypto, blockchain, and web 3 enthusiasts and thought leaders all over the world in celebration of the Philippines as the global leader and epicenter of web3.

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