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AI Arena Launches $NRN for Play-to-Airdrop Rewards

Photo for the Article - AI Arena Launches $NRN for Play-to-Airdrop Rewards

Those who joined the play-to-airdrop campaign can claim the token.

Participants of AI Arena’s play-to-airdrop campaign can claim their $NRN tokens starting June 24, 2024.

  • However, the exchanges where $NRN will be listed remain unconfirmed.

What’s the Significance: The token launch ensures participants that their campaign efforts will be rewarded. [Read more: List of Free Telegram Games with Potential Airdrop]

What is AI Arena:

  • Game type: AI-driven fighting game on Ethereum L2 Arbitrum.
  • Comparison: Similar to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros, but players train an AI to control characters in brawl matches.
What is AI Arena?

By the numbers:

  • Participants: Limited to 8,000 during the game’s pre-release.
  • Influencers: Eight blockchain gaming influencers, including YellowPhanter and Wale, led teams of 1,000 members each.
  • Tokens: 80 million $NRN allocated; 40 million for play-to-airdrop participants, 40 million for 80 “NRN Box” holders.
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How it worked: The campaign, resembling a team sport, concluded in March. Rewards are now being distributed to those who participated and engaged with the community, Decrypt noted.

What’s next: Developers aim to position AI Arena as an esports-level game, planning a version that requires an NFT access pass to play. [Read more: 10 Web3 Games to Play and Earn in 2024 and Why]

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