Select Users Can Now Buy Ethereum in the Philippines Through!

Users from the Philippines can now buy ethereum through Read more to find out which devices are supported by this new feature!

Photo for the Article - Select Users Can Now Buy Ethereum in the Philippines Through!

3rd Update: ALL users can now buy ETH! Please check this article: How to Buy Ethereum Using (Also: Check out our entire How to buy Ether in the Philippines article.)

2nd Update: As our writer Gino mentioned, It’s ETH. ETC has almost the same logo but the horizontal “diamond” in the middle has space in between. ETH only has the bottom space.

1st Update: Users reported that the logo’s color resembles that of ethereum classic, but the announcement specifically said ethereum. We’ve asked to verify.

While bitcoin is the current king of the crypto-market, ethereum (ether) is one of the best performing cryptocurrencies today. Users from the Philippines, for so long, have been looking for ways to buy ether with fiat money (pesos), because the existing methods are a bit cumbersome.

Well, the wait is over, as now allows select users to buy ethereum through its mobile app!

Photo for the Article - Select Users Can Now Buy Ethereum in the Philippines Through!

How to Buy Ether in the Philippines through

This guide assumes you already have a wallet. If not, click here. Also, note that buying ethereum on is only possible on the wallet’s Android app right now. If you are on iPhone or primarily using the desktop, you will have to wait a bit longer.

  1. Sign in with your account.
  2. You will arrive at your Peso wallet. Fund your account through accredited stores.
    1. The easiest way is to fund it via 7-eleven.
  3. Once you fund your account, swipe right to see your Ether Wallet.
  4. Create an Ether Wallet.
    1. Note that there is a Php 20 fee. This money goes to the Ethereum blockchain and not to
  5. Click Convert PHP to ETH.
  6. Specify an amount of PHP you want to get converted to ETH.
  7. Swipe “Slide to Convert”.
  8. You just bought ether on!

How to Sell Ethereum on

Simply convert your ETH to Php by clicking “Convert” on the Ether Wallet dashboard.

I have Android but I cannot find the Ether Wallet. Where is it?

(Update!) We messaged about this. Since this feature is at an early stage, it is only available to select Android users, and among those Android users, they selected those who are active users of the platform. The team is working to expand this to a wider audience. If this is you, click here for other ways to buy ether from PH.

What is the benefit of using to buy ether in the Philippines?

Photo for the Article - Select Users Can Now Buy Ethereum in the Philippines Through!

The biggest advantage is convenience. Your account can be funded through 7-eleven. A conversion to ether is just a click of a button. Beginners in cryptocurrency are encouraged to utilized simpler methods to trade coins before going all out with using advanced cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

What are the disadvantages of using to buy ether?

The fees may be or may not be higher when you use Also, you cannot set how many ether you want to buy from the PHP that you want to convert. The conversion is set by

What is the difference between buying ether on Abra and buying ether on

In Abra, you are not really buying ether. You are only buying “the price” of ether. You can click here for more details.

Can I send ERC-20 tokens to my ethereum wallet?

No. This is not supported. Please do not attempt this.


Allowing the option to buy and hold ethereum in puts the wallet app ahead of the game in terms of the available cryptocurrency apps in the country. We are hoping that the feature will be available soon for iPhone and desktop users.


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