How to Donate Using Bitcoin

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Aside from making bitcoin the gateway for altcoin trading, an additional option to make payments, you can also use this digital money to donate to charities and foundation. Here in the Philippines, we found few companies that accept BTC for donations.

Bitcoin transactions are irreversible so before making any donation, make sure the public key is correct and the charity is legitimate. Some scammers use a charity façade in order to get free coins.

How to check for legitimacy?

Charities that are currently accepting bitcoin in the Philippines are still quite rare. Although, the best way to check for legitimacy is going to the charity’s official website or using the app to donate. recently inked an agreement with TraXion to include GavaGives in the’s wallet. With this already incorporated in the app, users now have the ability to donate in the comfort of their home.

There are a number of listed charities available:

  • Append
  • Gawad Kalinga
  • House of Hope Foundation
  • Kythe Foundation
  • Library Renewal Partnership
  • Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation
  • Philippine Foundation for Breast Cancer
  • Saint Joseph Catholic Mission
  • San Jose Seminary

You can donate your BTC as easy as going to your app, go to Bills Payments > Donations > Choose your charity > Pay from Bitcoin Wallet (Minimum of PHP 300). It will also say that the transactions are processed via Gava.

Official Website:

Gava or GavaGives is the first crowdfunding platform in the Philippines. It is the avenue for Filipinos who need funding to build their dream, to cradle their wishes, or to simply live. Users are able to donate or raise their own campaign.

You can donate using bitcoin using Gava’s option. Make sure to put the email address associated to your account and you will then receive an email asking for the amount you pledged to Gava. You can pay using your stored BTC in your account.

Official Website:

This website aims to help and support Filipino children in terms of educational assistance programs. Founded by Mr. Mark Blackard, a U.S. government contractor who spent his time in war-torn Iraq, he focuses now on helping children in Bohol and Cebu. The institution also shared that the donations will directly go and assist Anda Elementary School in Bohol and Hilantagaan Island Elementary School in Cebu.

The last update was on October 2016 so we sent a message to check if the institution is active, but we didn’t receive any reply.

Official Website:

Communities in the sub-Saharan Africa have to spend hours fetching for dirty water that often leads to illness. The Water Project, a non-profit organization is focused on helping the communities gain access to clean water and proper sanitation.

Official Website:

Saving the children in the US and around the world, as the foundation believes that every child deserves a future, especially those who are in need. The foundation even has a financial report to let its donors know how it is spending its money and where it is going to.

Official Website:

We have previously reported that UNICEF Australia is harnessing its supporters’ computing power to mine for cryptocurrency. Supporters just need to open the website and allocate how much computing power they are donating for the cause. This is not cryptocurrency donations per-se, but think of it as donating your computer’s power for a cause.

With cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin, slowly becoming mainstream, we hope that charity institutions here in the Philippines like PAWS, Golden Acres Home for the Aged, Elsie Gatches, will open their doors in this new kind of funding and accept bitcoin donations. This will give cryptocurrency enthusiasts, both Filipinos and foreigners, additional option to give.

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