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DOH Twitter Account Still Claims It “Will Pump ETH”

Photo for the Article - DOH Twitter Account Still Claims It “Will Pump ETH”

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  • The Department of Health (DOH) Twitter account said it fell victim to a ‘glitch,’ promoting wallet drainer scams briefly under the name ‘Vela Exchange’
  • Yet, despite claims of DOH that the account is already under control, users reported the presence of active phishing ads.
  • As of April 29, the tweet that DOH would “pump ETH” is still posted and not deleted.

The Department of Health (DOH) Philippines claimed a Twitter glitch was responsible for their verified account briefly promoting wallet drainer pages on April 22nd, during which their account was renamed to “Vela Exchange.” The account has since been restored, but users have claimed that the scam-promoted tweets are still visible.

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Official Statement on the Glitch

In an official statement, the DOH said, “Due to a technical glitch in Twitter, experienced by some entities and organizations globally, the Department of Health’s (DOH) official Twitter account was renamed to ‘Vela Exchange’ for a short period.” 

The DOH assured that they have swiftly addressed the issue and are now closely monitoring their account through their platform managers.

Users Express Concerns About Active Phishing Ads

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Immediately after DOH claimed the account is already under their control, some users on the platform expressed concerns about the ongoing presence of active phishing ads.

One user commented on the potential risks, stating, “The ads continue and could scam a lot of people out of their money. The website address is fake.” Another user, @martindollete, cast doubt on the glitch explanation, suggesting that the account was hacked and used to advertise a cryptocurrency scam.

DOH Will “Pump ETH”

More importantly, tweets related to crypto are still available online at the time this article is written, such as the following tweet where the DOH Twitter account said it would “pump ETH”.

Photo for the Article - DOH Twitter Account Still Claims It “Will Pump ETH”

The tweet has gained 1.8 million views and has caught the interest of the broader “Crypto Twitter” community. According to some commenters, this tweet has become the most viewed tweet by the agency.

Photo for the Article - DOH Twitter Account Still Claims It “Will Pump ETH”

Security Expert Warns of Wallet Drainer Risks

Security expert @iamdeadlyz has examined the scam links in the DOH account and warned that users interacting with these scam pages could face the risk of having their crypto wallets drained. 

The scammer reportedly used the DOH page to promote Uniswap, Arbitrum, and Optimism scam pages, all of which pose a threat to users’ funds:

How Wallet Drainers Work

Wallet drainers typically deceive users by luring them to interact with fraudulent websites or platforms that mimic legitimate ones. Scammers then take advantage of vulnerabilities or employ phishing techniques to access victims’ wallet information, enabling them to steal funds.

Wallet drainer is one of the most common crypto scams that often utilize the victims’ lack of technical understanding of cryptocurrencies.

In a previous article, BitPinas mentioned “Unicats” as an example. Users were enticed to swap their Uniswap tokens for UniCats tokens. The scammers exploited a vulnerability in the smart contract, which allowed them to drain the victims’ wallets.

Precautions to Avoid Crypto Scams

Wallet drainers are just one example of the many crypto scams prevalent in the space. Users should always verify the legitimacy of their sources and exercise caution with offers that appear too good to be true.

Although there are instances where users may unknowingly fall victim to exploits, such as the Trust Wallet exploit, it is still important for users to remain vigilant against seemingly attractive offers and to maintain up-to-date security measures on their devices.

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