How to Use LoyalCoin to Redeem Cebu Pacific’s GetGo Points and Earn Free Flights

Get to know the exact mechanics for redeeming Cebu Pacific’s GetGo points using LoyalCoin.

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It was announced that LoyalCoin has partnered with Cebu Pacific to allow loyal coin holders to redeem their tokens for GetGo rewards, the airline’s rewards program where users can use the points to secure free flights.

Bitpinas spotted an update on the GetGo website which revealed how the mechanics are going to work between LoyalCoin and GetGo.

Note: While the mechanics are freely viewable on GetGo’s website, both companies have not publicly announced it. Until then, consider this as preliminary information only until we get a confirmation announcement from either LoyalCoin or GetGo.

How to Use Loyal Coin to Redeem Cebu Pacific’s GetGo Points and Earn Free Flights

  1. Download the LoyalWallet app on Google Play or App Store.
  2. Select GetGo on the app.
  3. Enter your 10-digit GetGo number.
  4. Click Buy
  5. GetGo points will be credited to the user’s GetGo account after 3 business days.


1 GetGo point can be redeemed for every 1.2 LYL.

The minimum amount of loyalcoins that can be converted to GetGo points is 120 LYL, in increments of 120 LYL, up to a 24,000 LYL only.

No fraction of a point will be given and thus, points are rounded down. Also, the redemption of GetGo rewards is irreversible.

As of July 5, 2018, the GetGo logo within the LoyalWallet app is still designated as “Coming Soon”. Please watch out this page for future updates.

LoyalCoin is a blockchain-based rewards platform built on the NEM blockchain. It allows users to earn loyalcoins, and then lets users redeem those loyalcoins to any merchants participating in the ecosystem. Additionally, loyalcoins can be converted to other cryptocurrencies such as XEM or even Bitcoin at various cryptocurrency exchanges.

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