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TON Blockchain TVL Hits $600M, Driven by Telegram Integration

Photo for the Article - TON Blockchain TVL Hits $600M, Driven by Telegram Integration

The Open Network (TON) blockchain has reached a record $609.78 million in total value locked (TVL).

What’s the significance: This surge highlights TON’s rapid growth and increasing adoption, driven by its integration with Telegram, a messaging app with over 900 million users.

The numbers:

  • TVL Growth: Up from $300 million to $609.78 million in three weeks, as per The Block.

TON’s rise in TVL is reflected in its price action.

  • It previously reached a new all-time high of above $8 and has eclipsed ADA to become part of the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.
  • It is the only major cryptocurrency up vs the previous 7 days.

Mini-apps that incentivizes users to participate, such as the increasing number of Telegram games also provided reason for users to join and stay on the platform. Some, like Pixelverse, even receive major investments from prominent venture capitalist firms.

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Still, while Telegram is growing, cybercriminals are also attacking users on the platform.

What’s next: Telegram Stars, an in-app monetization model, as well as the continued rise of Telegram games like Hamster Kombat, could provide more incentives for users in the platform and encourage other users to join.

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