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November 20, 2018 Updated

As the 5th platform to list Philippines-based LoyalCoin, here is a detailed text guide on how trade at OEX Cryptocurrency Exchange.

OEX Cryptocurrency Exchange is a crypto to crypto exchange platform based in Singapore. This exchange boasts of having a system built from the ground up with performance in mind and claims to “deliver ultra-fast response and order matching times ensuring that you never have to wait when submitting orders”.

This platform is also the 5th exchange that listed the loyalty and rewards token: LoyalCoin.

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Step 1: Signing Up to OEX Crypto Exchange in the Philippines

In order to buy or sell cryptocurrencies on OEX you will need the following:

Make sure to sign up on the official OEX website shown above. Click on the Sign Up button at the upper right side of the screen.

Complete all the necessary information. Put in your active Email and answer the rest of the blank spaces. For the Message auth code, click on Send, and the system will send you a code to your email. You will to input the code before the two minutes end. After finishing the required information click on the “I have read and agree” and Registration.

Step 2: Recharging your OEX Account in the Philippines

After successfully registering your account, you will get directed to a similar page shown on the image above. To ensure your account security you set up to five security protection.

If you’re already good with two, which is Email Verification and Login password, you can proceed to “recharging” your account by clicking on Finance at the top of the screen.

After clicking on Finance click on Recharge and for the sake of this article, we will choose BTC or bitcoin to deposit funds in our account. Take note of your OEX bitcoin address or you can scan it by clicking on the QR code.

According to the “Recharge instructions” there will be 10 minutes to 1 hour wait time in order to “recharge” your BTC wallet.

Step 3: Bidding or Asking for Crypto on OEX in the Philippines

After recharging your account with BTC, click on Exchange that you will also see at the top bar. Choose your trading pair. For the sake of this article, we chose ETH/BTC pair.

You will now see two different table, a BidETH and AskETH and another table on the right. Take note that the amount of these tokens are in BTC.

As you can see at the Price, 1 ETH is equal to 0.0314. If you want to buy ETH, click on the lowest asking price and bid your volume of ETH.  Once done click on BidETH.

If you want to sell, the process is the same but this time, use the AskETH and place your own price.

Step 4: Withdrawing your Crypto on OEX in the Philippines

After buying your ETH, don’t forget to put it in your ETH wallet for safe keeping. You can withdraw it by going to Finance, clicking on Withdraw then choosing ETH. On the Current address, you can click on New to add your ETH wallet address. Put the amount and password then Submit order and you’re all good.

OEX Fees

For transaction fees, a 0.2% fee is applied. Withdrawal fee is 0.5%.

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