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“For the nation to pivot from a tech hub to a tech leader, the cultural outlook in technology must cultivate innovative thinking from within.”

Photo for the Article - Ann Cuisia - Philippine Women Blockchain Influencers

Traditionally, the Philippines is a quick adopter when it comes to emerging technology, but with the country’s growing tech culture, the Philippines is becoming a quick enabler of technology’s potential when it comes to sculpting new business models, driving transformation and making meaningful impact in society’s development.

For the nation to pivot from a tech hub to a tech leader, the cultural outlook in technology must cultivate innovative thinking from within. That shift can be started by a select few individuals that are driven to make concepts into reality.  Ann Cuisia, the co-founder of TraXion Hub, is considered as one of the nation’s pioneering individuals when it comes to Blockchain. From business use case building and engineering the groundwork for the coming tokenized economies, Ann is a utilitarian of concepts borne from groundbreaking technologies. Having co-found TraXion Hub, Ann and Traxion are focused on enabling Blockchain across economies that will eventually converge under Blockchain’s distributed ledger framework.

The Blockchain Innovation market is beaming with potential for businesses and solutions providers. As companies are increasingly exploring the possibilities with Blockchain – providers are often playing it safe with smaller, niche driven services. Admittedly, specializing in a niche service under Blockchain’s vast market of macro and micro services is the fastest and safest way to make a name in the Blockchain industry. This is a way to quickly pivot into Blockchain without the huge cost of infrastructure and resources. For Ann, the magnitude of vision defines the success of the by-product or platform. “We are a Systems Integration (SI) company that focuses in enabling Blockchain” said Ann during an interview with The Early Edition on ANC. “Our clients, partners and network coalition members can harness Blockchain’s value by using our Blockchain as a Service.” Rather than being known for a fair niche, Ann and TraXion are looking for more ways to work, incorporate and expand Blockchain’s capabilities.

Blockchain as an Enabler of Charity

Photo for the Article - Ann Cuisia - Philippine Women Blockchain Influencers

Solutions that help uplift society’s standards are the ones that embody the meaningful impact brought on by technology. Besides helping engineer Blockchain enabled systems, Ann is also designing products that harness Blockchain’s capability to streamline processes and speed up the mobility of actions. One of Ann’s successful Blockchain by-product is Gava, a charity driven crowdfunding website that hosts a number of causes and Gava allows generous individuals and organizations alike, to donate and support these causes. In fostering charity, Ann, also the founder and CEO of Gava, describes the Blockchain enabled platform as an “enabler of charity” where Gava, espouses the distinctive Filipino spirit of “Bayanihan” (Selfless Heroism) further by capitalizing on the zero-trust capability of Blockchain. Gava features a secure digital wallet where beneficiaries are able to receive funds directly. This veers away from traditional charity networks that rely on various clearing hands in disbursing funds raised for mobilization. Through Gava, the zero-trust mechanism harmonizes both donor and beneficiary with a platform where there is no room for doubtful channels as funds are processed in a streamlined way to send and receive grants.

Blockchain for Economic Inclusivity

Blockchain’s impact can also bridge the gap when it comes to economic and financial inclusivity. The channels and values across the Blockchain can extend from established businesses, micro-entrepreneurs and down to the basic producers such as farmers. This grassroot accessibility across the value chain of industries from food production, manufacturing and retail will not only grant transparency of honest credit, but will also fast track inclusivity from the ground up. One of TraXion’s project is ONE Mindanao, an economy built on Blockchain’s consequential benefits that promote economic inclusivity.

“Imagine underserved being able to experience inclusiveness in terms of financial services. Imagine farmers accessing fair-pricing without middlemen, the profitability would be different. The type of livelihood would be elevated,” Ann said during an interview with Davao Today.

Women in Blockchain

Photo for the Article - Ann Cuisia - Philippine Women Blockchain Influencers

More and more women are starting to redefine the technology and innovation market with their ideals, concepts and business models. Ann Cuisia is among the easily most distinguishable figure in the Philippine Fintech and Blockchain scene. A woman with exemplary vision, technical knowledge, business management and a potent agile leadership system, Ann has a proven track record of guiding Blockchain concepts into business models that fully-harnesses distributed ledger technology.

For the women who are looking to make an impact in Blockchain and disruptive tech, Ann shares her personal advice when they are assessing their worth, vision and use case viability: “We, Women have a natural tendency for inclusiveness and generosity. This tendency allows for a natural understanding on how to create systems on top of Blockchain, a platform for inclusivity, transparency, and giving.”

This article is first published on BitPinas: Ann Cuisia – Philippine Women Blockchain Influencers

This article is written by Ms. Gail Cruz Macapagal of DynaQuest on behalf of the Philippine Blockchain Association. as part of the Women in Blockchain Series.

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