Axie Infinity Still Can’t Handle a Growth Spike, Says Executive

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By Shiela Bertillo

In a Twitter thread posted today, Sky Mavis COO Aleksander Leonard Larsen tweeted that the firm recognizes that the AXS cost relative to the Smooth Love Potion (SLP) cost per breed is currently imbalanced; and will make more adjustments in the future.

“We care about SLP. It’s tied to the breeding of Axies and correlated to the Axie price. We also know a lot of players rely on to put food on the table. It’s incredible.” Larsen wrote.

He noted that reducing the price of AXS per breed to zero would increase the value of SLP; however, Ronin and the game in its current state can’t handle another massive growth spike that generally follows a high SLP price. 

“We are working hard to improve our capacity for another massive growth spike,” he added.

Larsen said that he thinks of SLP as a commodity that “will fluctuate a bit in price, but what we really need is deep liquidity to ensure a somewhat stable price.”

Moreover, Growth Lead Jeffrey Zirlin seconded Larsen’s tweet thread stating that the game will need a lot of SLP to handle the growth spikes of the future. 

“We’re not ready to go back to 40% weekly growth at the moment, which could happen if we balance SLP. But always know that we care about you and your families.” he added.

Accordingly, Axie Infinity executed an extensive ban wave for players abusing the energy system last Friday, September 10. Through this action, around 30,000 axies were sanctioned.

Energies are vital to acquiring Smooth Love Potion (SLP), one of Axie Infinity’s in-game currencies, in the arena that could be converted to real money.

Purchased axies bought from players that caught up with the ban wave and sold their axies at a lower price 12 hours prior, will be unbanned.

“There is no need to contact support for an unban, all the data is available to us so hang tight.” Axie Infinity wrote. 

Axie Infinity also assured that future ban waves will be implemented instantly to prevent such situations.

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