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Axie Infinity Grows to 250k DAU, Battle V2 Sneak Peek, Ronin and New Breeding Fee Update

Photo for the Article - Axie Infinity Grows to 250k DAU, Battle V2 Sneak Peek, Ronin and New Breeding Fee Update

By Sean Millare and Michael Mislos

The Axie Infinity team made several announcements last week, including an update on the milestones reached this June 2021 as well as future planned developments.

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Growth of Axie Infinity

Currently the no. 1 crypto application by weekly revenue, Sky Mavis reported new developments regarding AXS staking (AXS is the governance token of the game), Ronin and Decentralized Exchange. The stats shared reveals Axie Infinity as the no. 1 crypto blockchain game and Ronin the dapp protocol with the largest revenue, beating MetaMask by a wide margin. (Read More: How to Use MetaMask: A Guide for Filipinos)

Some of the stats shared by the team:

  • 2.3 million unique visitors to
  • Monthly volume increased by 334% to $128 million, this is 3x larger than the next project NBA Top Shot ($45 million)
  • 250,000 daily active players
  • 200,000 Discord members
  • Protocol revenue at $4.4 million. Metamask is at a distant 2nd place.
  • 6,000 viewers tuned in to the Axie Livestream. (Read More: Recap – 73% Axie Infinity Livestream Viewers are from the Philippines)

Battle V2

Photo for the Article - Axie Infinity Grows to 250k DAU, Battle V2 Sneak Peek, Ronin and New Breeding Fee Update
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The next update to Axie Infinity will include a revamped battle system. There will be starter Axies and the developers are promising a more faster-faced battle system.


Ronin, the sidechain, has made buying and breeding Axies a breeze. Creating Axie Infinity scholarships accounts are also a little less complicated because of it. 

  • A Ronin whitepaper is in the works, also a RON Token
  • $100M+ already deposited on Ronin.
  • A decentralized exchange within Ronin will be launched soon.

Clarification on Automation

Axie Dev Chat #1 w/ Jiho, Psycheout & Zyori

The Axie Infinity community was at first delighted upon news that Axie no. 1 million was born. However, upon investigation of Sky Mavis, the breeder of Axie no. 1 million used an “advanced method to interact directly with the Ronin chain and submit many breeding transactions at once using a breeding script.”

“Many of you expressed concern that this was unfair and a violation of the TOS”, Sky Mavis Team said in an update. According to them, TOS clarification is a must as they believe that it is the root cause of the community’s confusion towards complying with the TOS.

According to Sky Mavis, “People had also been using scripts to breed for years. This was good in that it burned SLP and allowed for the Axie population to keep up with huge demand from new players. This was an example of “good automation.”

However, using automated breeding scripts whenever there is an “Axie Breeding Event” does not benefit the whole community as it destroys the fun for so many players. So Mavis Team made a clarification as to when automation is allowed and not allowed.


  • Playing the card battle game and future games (land, mini-games, etc.)
  • Buying and selling NFTs from the marketplace.


  • Scholarship management
  • Building publicly available tools and bots related to data transparency and analysis
  • Breeding, EXCEPT when there is a breeding event happening. “We will give 1 weeks notice before a breeding automation ban window goes into place.”

As the demand for data access from the community is growing, the team decides to build a 3rd Party API (Application Programming Interface – a set of functions and procedures that allow for the creation of applications that need to access data and features and other types of services).

Further, the Sky Mavis team decided to ban Axie no. 1 million for 365 days, but similar instances will result in harsher punishments because the terms are now clear.


As the growth of the community is uncontrollable, Sky Mavis’ team decided to increase the normal breeding temporarily until further notice from 2 AXS to 4 AXS.

Photo for the Article - Axie Infinity Grows to 250k DAU, Battle V2 Sneak Peek, Ronin and New Breeding Fee Update

According to them, this move can create additional utility for AXS and to ensure the Axie population remains healthy as it grows by 40,000 per day recently. Sky Mavis said this is done because if not, “it could over-inflate and reduce the special feeling of owning an Axie while harming our economy.”


Sky Mavis also released a new update patch for their applications (Windows, macOS, Android, & iOS). All of the players must update their apps in order to continue.

Players can check the download links from Axie Infinity Official Discord Channel “#application-download”.

Further, migration of Axies into the Ronin sidechain is now mandatory for playing. Finally, Axies with ID beyond 1,000,000 is now already supported.

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