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Female Trailblazers Discuss the Future of Crypto

Photo for the Article - Female Trailblazers Discuss the Future of Crypto

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Editing by Nathaniel Cajuday

  • The recently concluded Bitcoin, Beer, and Bitstories (BBB) held an all-women panel to discuss the latest developments in the digital landscape during International Women’s Month.
  • The panel, who shared their own web3 onboarding stories and perspectives on the crypto industry, consisted of Real Deal Guild’s Teresa Pia, X3’s Vanessa Barrameda, and Enjin’s Marian Vanslembrouck. The discussion was moderated by ScarletBox’s Sheree Gotuaco.
  • The event aimed to promote inclusivity and diversity in the web3 space and celebrate the contributions of women in the crypto community. Other initiatives such as Binance’s “Women in Blockchain” event and Tezos Philippines’ Women of Web3 NFT Community Minting Event also celebrated women during International Women’s Month.

The monthly local crypto community meetup, Bitcoin, Beer, and Bitstories (BBB), recently ended International Women’s Month with an all-women panel to discuss the latest developments in the digital landscape. The BBB “Women of Web3” meetup was held at Draper Startup House Manila on March 30, 2023.

Photo for the Article - Female Trailblazers Discuss the Future of Crypto
THE FEMALE TRAILBLAZERS! (From left to right) ScarletBox’s Sheree Gotuaco, X3’s Vanessa Barrameda, Enjin’s Marian Vanslembrouck, and Real Deal Guild’s Teresa Pia.

The event featured web3 women leaders, including Teresa Pia, Co-Founder of web3 gaming guild Real Deal Guild; Sheree Gotuaco, Founder and CEO of Blue Chip Arts NFT Launchpad ScarletBox; Vanessa Barrameda, General Manager of end-to-end web3 solutions X3; and Marian Vanslembrouck, Tech, IP, Privacy Lawyer, and Associate General Counsel at Enjin blockchain. 

How Did They Enter the Web3 Space

The three of them shared their own web3 onboarding stories in their respective fields. According to Pia, her entering the space was a huge career leap, as she gave up her teaching profession to establish the Real Deal Guild. 

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While for Barrameda, the industry today is totally different from the old days:

“When we were in tech, we would like to keep everything a secret until everything is launched, otherwise, you know, competitors might swipe your idea or your project. But in our case, I talk to several founders, and I’d be happy to introduce them to one another without thinking if I’m going to make money out of it or not.”

This sentiment was also shared by Atty. Vanslembrouck, who added that “that’s one of the things that really surprised me, like how big of a community there is around it (web3). There’s so many people there and everyone is really helpful.” 

Panelists on the Current State of the Crypto Industry

They also shared their insights and perspectives on the current state of the crypto industry and provided valuable knowledge on how to stay ahead in this high-stakes world.

“We’ve seen the first quarter have a lot of financial instability, and I think for most companies, or at least one company, one of the things that they must have… is due diligence,” Atty. Vanslembrouck stated, noting that financial institutions must have proper onboarding requirements because “it’s actually a bug when you think about it, because if they have been lax with your documents, what other things could they have tried to open?”

Meanwhile, from a guild perspective, Pia pointed out that despite the first three months of the year being still in a bear market, Real Deal Guild kept its community tight by organizing physical and online events, meetups, contests, and tournaments. She even highlighted that they “keep our community active and tight while waiting for another bull season; we keep on building, we keep on partnering with different projects” that can add value to their guild.

“As they have mentioned earlier, it’s the bear market actually, we’ve already been in this situation much longer since last year; but to the devs, this is the time where we are most busy. Projects right now are not really into chilling, they’re doing marketing, shilling, and all those stances because of market conditions but this is the time where they quietly build or rebuild,” stressed Barrameda, talking on behalf of web3 developers. 

She also added that, from a developer’s point of view, “we’re quite bullish for 2023, regardless of where market conditions will go because, for us, this is the time where most projects will probably want to step back and build, and that’s where we actually thrive.”

Photo for the Article - Female Trailblazers Discuss the Future of Crypto

How International Women’s Month was celebrated on Web3

On the same day as the BBB “Women of Web3” meetup, Binance also celebrated women at their own “Women in Blockchain” event in Manila. The event featured female web3 personalities such as Prayer Trairatvorakul, APAC Marketing Director at Binance; Mary Rose E. Magsaysay, Assistant Secretary of Cybercrime Investigation Coordinating Center (CICC); Myrtle Ramos, Blocktides’ CEO; Kimberly Rocha-Delgado, Galeria Paloma Director; and Een Mercado, YGG Ambassador and content creator. 

With the support of TZ APAC, Tezos Philippines held the Women of Web3 non-fungible token (NFT) Community Minting Event in celebration of Women’s Month and International Women’s Day. The event aimed to recognize and honor women’s contributions in the rapidly evolving web3 space while promoting inclusivity and diversity in the ecosystem. 

All women-led initiative Filipinas NFT also released its “Walang Katulad” collection on Mintoo, an NFT platform of PDAX. The project features 10 female artists celebrating women’s creativity and their unique identities and stories.

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