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Binance Charity’s $1M Worth of Crypto Donation to UNICEF Will Help Bring Vaccines to the Philippines and 10 Other Countries

Photo for the Article - Binance Charity’s $1M Worth of Crypto Donation to UNICEF Will Help Bring Vaccines to the Philippines and 10 Other Countries

Binance Charity announced it is making the world’s first crypto donation to UNICEF’s global COVID-19 vaccine rollout, the largest vaccine procurement and supply operation ever undertaken. The donation amounting to $1 million will support UNICEF’s role as a delivery partner for the COVAX facility in delivering COVID-19 vaccines to communities in the following 11 countries: 

  1. Ghana
  2. Nigeria
  3. Kenya
  4. Uganda
  5. Egypt
  6. Indonesia
  7. Philippines
  8. Vietnam
  9. Bangladesh
  10. Ukraine
  11. Brazil

Binance Charity’s contribution could help cover all the costs to deliver more than 500,00 doses of the vaccines, costs of planning, transport, cold chain equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE) within these countries, the press release stated.

UNICEF and COVAX Facility

UNICEF, currently the world’s largest single vaccine buyer, is in a unique position to help fight the pandemic due to its longstanding expertise in procurement and logistics to help children in need. They are now a partner of COVAX, a global initiative and an alliance between the World Health Organization, The Vaccine Alliance, and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations to effectively end the pandemic by sharing the vaccines among all countries.

In a statement, Sandra Visscher, Executive Director of UNICEF Luxembourg said vaccines do not just save lives but also contribute to a return to normal, including for the millions of children affected by the pandemic.

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“UNICEF wants to ensure equitable access to vaccines for everyone, as the world will only be safe if everyone is safe. Since UNICEF is at the forefront of procuring and delivering vaccines, we can help to bring the pandemic under control so that we can start the work to build a better, safer, and healthier future for every child,” Visscher said.

Binance Charity

Binance Charity has committed to extend its blockchain infrastructure expertise to UNICEF in addition to providing financial assistance to the global organization. Using crypto and blockchain, the public can track the vaccines’ logistics and see all financial transactions in the most transparent way. The public can track all of the funding distributed to UNICEF through its issued Binance wallet.

According to Helen Hai, Head of Binance Charity, the events of the past year presented a clear role for the cryptocurrency community to provide support through transparent global giving to those who are most in need. 

“The progress some countries have made in rolling out vaccines has been hugely impressive, but we want to make sure nobody is left behind. We’re proud to be supporting UNICEF in vaccine delivery, which will play a major role in getting everyone’s lives back. This partnership is in support of a world that ensures vaccines are readily available to all, so that we may end the pandemic together,”  Hai said in a statement.

As the philanthropic arm of Binance, the most liquid crypto exchange in the world, Binance Charity has already raised about $5 million USD and donated 2 million PPEs to 26 countries, including the Philippines.

Previous COVID-19 Relief Efforts in the Philippines

In June 2020, Binance Charity donated Php 3.5 million worth of medical protective equipment to various hospitals in the Philippines. Eighteen medical and government institutions were recipients of medical supplies, including surgical masks, alcohol, face shields, protective shields, etc. The donation drive was actually initiated by the Binance Filipino community team which, along with partner SCI Ventures, worked immediately “to coordinate all the suppliers, get the best pricing possible, and ensure that each item had the proper certification and quality.

In reverence to blockchain’s key characteristic — that all recorded transactions are transparent, Binance Charity has maintained its mandate of 100% transparency. All donations to the Philippines were listed down to the last number and item, and all recipient organizations are named.

Binance Charity will soon release a limited edition NFT issued on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to raise public awareness and encourage more fundraising for the vaccine.

“Daily infections are surging around the world, and especially in the Philippines, where the pandemic continues to take its toll on the economy and public healthcare capabilities. We’re proud of our part in supporting UNICEF with vaccine delivery efforts to ensure that the Philippines and other nations are better equipped to fight the spread of Covid-19,” Helen Hai said in a statement to BitPinas.

To date, Binance Charity has supported over 1 million end beneficiaries through various projects.

This article is first published on BitPinas: Binance Charity’s $1M Worth of Crypto Donation to UNICEF Will Help Bring Vaccine to the Philippines and 10 Other Countries

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