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Bitcoin, Beer, and Bitstories July 2022 Recap

Photo for the Article - Bitcoin, Beer, and Bitstories July 2022 Recap

Bitcoin, Beer, and Bitstories had various guest speakers and startup representatives who pitched their platforms to those who attended the event. This event was held at Draper Startup House Manila last July 28.

Draper Startup House Manila

Christian Munoz of Draper Startup House opened the event by briefly sharing their business vision to help empower artists in the web3 community by helping them promote their artworks. Draper has a project called Artist Collective, where resident artists’ artworks will be highlighted in Draper for art and crypto enthusiasts to see and purchase.

BitPinas Segment

Afterwards, BitPinas Editor-in-Chief Michael Mislos shared about BitPinas and its journey of delivering the latest news and updates of what is going on in the web3 community in the Philippines.

Artist Collective

Photo for the Article - Bitcoin, Beer, and Bitstories July 2022 Recap

Michael also moderated the talk with crypto artists, Jopet Arias of Crypto Art Philippines, Khat De Guzman of FilipinasNFT, Francis Lim and Vandy of Likha, together with Christian of Draper. Most of the discussion revolves around the journey of the artists and Cristian as a collector in the non-fungible token (NFT) space, the challenges that they face as artists in Web3 and their expectations with the partnership with Draper as part of the Artist Collective.

Cristian shared that through the artist collective, artists – local and international – can meet together like entrepreneurs and founders do. This is a safe room for local and international artists to collaborate with one another and share their ideas. It will also be a way to talk about ownership of the art work. It also aims to address the challenges of artists and NFT and look for solutions to help them.

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The panelists are the first batch for the Artist Collective. They will serve as resident artists and partners with Draper. “They have seen the vision [of Artist Collective] and want to work together. They will collaborate and then set their focus on the Space… We will see how it will work and we help them in the challenges in the way we know,” Cristian stated.

Startup Pitches

After a short intermission, various startup companies and organizations gave their business pitches: Gian Ferrer of Tezos Philippines, Ismael Jerusalem of Ownly, Felix Asuncion of Tetrix, Michael Molina of Xircus, Renz Chong of BreederDao, and Ken Ramos of Frens Not Food. Titik Poetry played during intermission.

Tezos Philippines shared updates about their blockchain and how Tezos can help NFT artists via proof of staking (POS). Tezos is promoting a more eco-friendly ecosystem that lessens the carbon blueprint on the environment.

Ownly is a Bicol-based organization that created a marketplace for aspiring local NFT artists. They are also developing their virtual world Mustachioverse where their 2D collections of Mustachios can become 3D avatars in their game.

Dubai-based Tetrix has developed Pitaka, a crypto wallet that can cater to 25 blockchains. The product can view all crypto assets and NFTs under one platform either on a browser extension and soon on mobile apps. Tetrix has also developed a business card-like technology where the user can just tap their card on the back of a phone to send a link to their social media page or business websites. This can revolutionize networking with like-minded people.

Xircus is a NFT progressive platform where its users can own their own marketplace with additional modus. Smart contracts can be used on this platform to add functionality and uniqueness to the marketplace.

BreederDAO is a blockchain startup focused on breeding, crafting, and creating the best P2E digital assets in the metaverse.

Frens Not Food is a mission-driven NFT collection about awareness of veganism and taking care of animals.

Bitcoin, Beer, and Bitstories is a monthly Web3 community meetup. It is an opportunity for the community to get to know people within the space.

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