BlockDevs Asia, [PH 2019 Crypto & Blockchain Year in Review]

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January 9, 2020 – Depending on who you ask, 2019 is another turbulent year for the crypto and blockchain industries. Globally, we’ve seen companies refocus their efforts or merge with others to survive. In the Philippines, we’ve read about more pending regulations, developments in the space, and more education drive. BitPinas sought the opinion of people who work in the blockchain and crypto industry in the Philippines, including leaders and influencers here and abroad on what they think about 2019 in general and what they look forward to in 2020.

BlockDevsAsia is a volunteer-driven organization that is committed in growing the community by organizing blockchain-developer meetups.As most other meetups are about other aspects of crypto (economics/trading etc), we felt there is a need for a friendly environment for (aspiring) software developers to join together to learn and hone our craft. BlockDevs Asia team consists of Caspar Oosetendorp (Oost & Voort Inc), Chris Verceles (Lifemesh/ConsenSys), Tracy Li (Bitchikka/Token News Asia), Amadeo Brands (EOI Digital) and Atty. Rafael Padilla (Farcove Law).

Can you please share the latest developments from your company/project/group this year?

We have been organizing developer meetups since 2017, and this 2019, BlockDevs Asia has officially been incorporated as a non-profit industry organization for blockchain. We were able to build stronger relationships with key people/companies in the industry, both local and international. As our organization and community get bigger, we will continue to organize developer meetups and hackathons for 2020.

Please share a personal highlight for you this year in the crypto and blockchain community.

BlockDevs Asia won first place at the Klaytn Hackathon. A global event where developers created BApps for Klaytn Testnet, Baobab. As the first-place winner, we were invited to go to Seoul and join the TXGX Conference and present our winning project, Klaytn Champ.

What do you think is the most important blockchain and/or crypto development in the Philippines/Globally in 2019?

Globally, we saw regulations starting to grow in some countries, thus making the market more mature this year. We have also seen Decentralized Finance (DeFi) starting to gain traction this year. This means people are becoming smarter in investing in Crypto. In the Philippines, we have seen CEZA’s growth in promoting the Philippines as one of the blockchain hubs.

What is your company/project/group looking forward to this 2020 in this space?

BlockDevs Asia is continuously reaching out and building relationships with international communities. We are definitely looking forward to DISH 2020, which will be better and bigger. We will are planning to send the DISH winners to compete abroad. We are also excited for our planned engagements with international blockchain companies such as Tangem and ConsenSys to promote blockchain technology.

What do you personally look forward to in this space?

Tracy: I personally am excited for Korea, specifically GroundX’s plan for blockchain mass adoption. GroundX is the blockchain subsidiary of Kakao Corp, which is the largest mobile platform in Korea with 50 million users. GroundX will release Klip (their crypto wallet) next year and eventually integrate into Kakao Talk. I am also looking forward to how and if Libra will make a significant impact in the industry next year.

What do you see for the Philippines in 2020 in this space?

2020 will be the year for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Decentralized ID systems (DID), Decentralized Finance and Security Exchange Offerings (STO). We believe that the NFT market will grow next year because of asset tokenization and gaming. Decentralized ID is also the heart of most blockchain system for public use, without it, it will be difficult to attach an identity into transactions.

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