BloomX’s Luis Buenaventura II Joins Yield Guild Games

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By Shiela Bertillo

Luis Buenaventura II, Co-Founder and Chief Strategic Officer of BSP-licensed crypto exhange BloomX, also a published writer and artist known as “CryptoPop,” officially joins Yield Guild Games (YGG), a play-to-earn gaming guild bringing players together to earn via blockchain-based economies, as the country manager for the Philippines. 

“The Philippines is the largest country in the metaverse, and I’m super happy that supporting the Filipino ecosystem is now my 24/7/365 job “ Luis wrote in his newsletter.

(The Tagalog translation of Luis’ newsletters appears on BitPinas one day after the English version is published.)

Luis also said that together with the YGG founders Gabby Dizon and Beryl Chavez Li they’ll be “launching projects focusing on education, healthcare, financial services, and many other community support tools. We will be going well beyond the realm of just gaming, and I’m very hopeful that I can leverage my crypto background to scale these ideas to millions of Filipinos.”

According to him, “the most important thing right now is community education and information” in regards to the growing cryptocurrency and blockchain industry when asked why he decided to join YGG. In an exclusive quote to BitPinas, Luis said “play-to-earn” is the first time he has witnessed a crypto idea that reached sustainable adoption in the country. He aims to accelerate its growth by joining YGG.

“Over the past 7.5 years working in crypto, I’ve seen hundreds of financial-inclusion projects attempt to gain sustainable adoption here in the Philippines. Bitcoin remittances, crypto trading. ICOs, blockchain lending, yield farming… none of them have managed to reach the lower rungs of our society. The play-to-earn idea is the first one that has made a meaningful dent, and it was imperative that I did everything I could to help accelerate its growth. I see myself less as a “leader” in this role and more as a place where the community can go to get accurate information and fair advice.” Luis told BitPinas.

In 2019, together with 7 other entrepreneurs, activists, and educators, Luis released The Little Bitcoin Book, a simple explanation of how Bitcoin works, and why it is such a critical financial innovation for society. (Read more on: New Book Explains the Bitcoin Phenomenon without the Technical Jargon)

Luis will remain with BloomX but will have a reduced operational capacity. “My cofounders Israel Keys, Ramon Tayag, and Justin David have totally got this, and I’ll continue to support the growth of cryptocurrency trading in the Philippines from my new role.”

This article is published on BitPinas: BloomX’s Luis Buenaventura II Joins Yield Guild Games

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[…] This article is published on BitPinas: BloomX’s Luis Buenaventura II Joins Yield Guild Games […]

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