CoinMarketCap Conference Day 1 Recap: Builders Build

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Day 1 of CoinMarketCap’s The Capital Conference has concluded with appearances from the builders of the cryptocurrency industry. 

In a fireside chat, Michael Saylor said banks are not interested with CBDC.

Samson Mow, the CEO of JAN3 has outlined the benefits of Bitcoin, citing the recent events in El Salvador, and many other nations that are starting to accumulate the leading cryptocurrency. Recently, Central African Republic, after adopting Bitcoin, says it is launching a bitcoin investment platform. 

On Metaverse and GameFi, a panel hosted by Samantha Yap of Yap Global noted the increasing number of investments by VCs in this nascent industry. While GameFi is still a nascent industry and despite the recent downturn, it only means projects will just continue building while more principled investors will be joining the space.

In a panel about interoperability, Ahmed Al-Balaghi of Biconomy noted that many users actually only care about how easy for two blockchains to communicate with each other. Still, the panel acknowledges the risks, because most hacks in recent months happened in bridges, which are the connectors between blockchains or layers. 

Meanwhile, Zack Seward of Coindesk moderated a panel of decentralized exchanges (Dexes) and how trading activity amongst dexes have remain stable despite the bear market. Loyalty among traders will be key for Dexes to survive a crypto winter, said Nikita Ovchinnik of 1inch exchange. 

Moreover, the panel also thought the recent crash of Anchor, which offer high yields, will mean the community will shift to protocols with lesser but more stable yields.

CoinMarketCap’s The Capital: Time To Ship returns Friday, May 27, 2022.

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