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Ember Sword at the Final Stage of Community Land Sale

Photo for the Article - Ember Sword at the Final Stage of Community Land Sale

Ember Sword, a massively multiplayer online game developed by Bright Star Studios Limited is now on its final stage of its community land sale.

According to its blog post, the company’s recent total submissions for the final stage community land sale reaches more than 35,000 and those people who previously registered can now check if they have been qualified by checking their emails.

The Ember Sword team also added that their main focus is to distribute the lands to as many people as possible and according to them, they reserved all of the lands from those people who previously registered and that person will be given “two full weeks – from 30th of September to the 14th of October.”


If the person who has a reserved land doesn’t purchase it within the allotted time frame, it will go into rotation again and “will be made available for purchased to other qualified land owners or be included in the next land sale.”

Further, introducing community badges is also part of the announcement. These limited edition badges are also minted as NFTs which provides holders or owners exclusive access to upcoming pre-alpha and alpha tests and cool in-game representation of the badge which will be shown next to the players name and soon, holders can claim its token value later in 2022.

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The team introduces 4 types of badges – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum which is limited to one per qualifying account only. However, it will be available in the market on a first come, first serve basis while supply lasts.

Further, the Ember Sword team also implemented upgrades on their smart contracts in preparation of future wide adoption and as what they have stated, “there is a necessity to upgrade our smart contracts as well, so that we are better prepared to handle future changes/upgrades to our NFTs.”

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