Eric Cristobal, OKEx [PH 2019 Crypto & Blockchain Year in Review]

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January 10, 2020 – Depending on who you ask, 2019 is another turbulent year for the crypto and blockchain industries. Globally, we’ve seen companies refocus their efforts or merge with others to survive. In the Philippines, we’ve read about more pending regulations, developments in the space, and more education drive. BitPinas sought the opinion of people who work in the blockchain and crypto industry in the Philippines, including leaders and influencers here and abroad on what they think about 2019 in general and what they look forward to in 2020.

Eric Cristobal is the Country Manager and Business Development Manager at OKEx. OKEx is a leading cryptocurrency exchange as reported by Coinmarketcap. Prior to OKEx, Eric has had stints in BitMart Exchange, ARPA, Aurora as well as years of experience in the customer service industry.

Can you please share the latest developments from your company/project/group this year?

Since the launch of OKB, the native token of OKEx, we have been making every effort to perfecting the OKB ecosystem. Through our buy-back & burn scheme, token economy model, platform-empowered and external use cases, we are continuously enhancing the value of OKB as a global utility token. OKB has been widely applied in daily applications and scenarios, as well as a number of services on OKEx. Apart from developing the usecases of OKB on OKEx, we are gradually expanding its application to other industries after multiple tests.

Externally, we have made great progress on the development of OKB and recruited 25 quality partners in different industries including Network Security, Financial Services and Lifestyle. Recently, OKB has joined Alchemy Global Payment Solutions network & it is now accepted in places in Singapore for offline payments.

Please share a personal highlight for you this year in the crypto and blockchain community.

It happened in December during our event in Makati. Many said that it was a surprise event but the reality is that we invited people who are new to trading and interested in learning. Our main goal is for that event to spread awareness and help people learn basic trading techniques without the need of spending a lot of money to pay coaches or instructors in exchange for learning.

Many Filipinos are still getting scammed by different people and projects by promising investors of high return of investments. We believe that we can help eliminate this by spreading awareness and sharing knowledge with people.

What do you think is the most important blockchain and/or crypto development in the Philippines/Globally in 2019?

I can say that the most important development in 2019 locally is seeing companies and the government showing interests and slowly adapting blockchain and cryptocurrency. Globally, we have seen so much development the same as OKEx’ continued launch of different services that focus on helping its users to have the convenience and freedom in managing their finances.

What is your company/project/group looking forward to this 2020 in this space?

OKEx is constantly striving for the best and thinking of ways to offer outstanding services and products for our users. We are looking forward to the launch of OKChain and OKDex.

When it comes to trading, we understand that users look for more than just amazing trading products, they are also concerned about asset security. That’s why we have been working on developing our own decentralized exchange, OKDEx, as a supplement, rather than a replacement, to our existing products, so that users can enjoy even higher security and trustless services with us.

What do you personally look forward to in this space?

I personally look forward to organizing more events focusing more on people who are new into crypto trading and interested to learn. I believe that educating people and giving them an alternative option to earn would be a great help to many Filipinos.

What do you see for the Philippines in 2020 in this space?

The Philippines has already been open to blockchain and cryptocurrency. I believe that the Philippines has the potential to become the key market for cryptocurrency knowing that the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) already authorized the operations 13 virtual currency exchanges (VCEs) as of end-October 2019.

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