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[Event Recap] Web3 Lounge Cebu First and Second Meetups

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By Jeff Caceres

As crypto & blockchain meetups, events, and conferences in the National Capital Region have come back after two years of hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s also time to bring back crypto meetups in the Visayas region as well.

About the author: Jeff Caceres is a video content creator focusing on crypto, DeFi, NFTs, GameFi & metaverse.

Before the pandemic, Hiro the founder of Cebu Blockchain Group was conducting monthly meetups in the Queen City of the South. However, everything came to a halt when a lockdown was imposed in the country in which he decided to fly overseas.

More than 2 years later after the restrictions have eased in the country, the duo of Jeff Caceres (myself, founder of NomadFury) and Evan Anthony Ezquer (Falkris) have discussed reviving the Cebu blockchain meetup.

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And it happened. I decided to create the Web3 Lounge Cebu meetup with the help of Evan.

On August 6, 2022, it was the first Web3 Lounge meetup in Cebu City held at the From Here Coworking at the Crossroads, Gov. Cuenca Ave. In the meetup, there were only less than 15 people who attended. But the highlight of that meetup was Kookoo Crypto TV who attended the event.

The agenda was clearly everything about Web3 games, NFTs, metaverse, etc., especially Axie Infinity. There were some intense moments between Kookoo and the other guy regarding their opinions about Axie Infinity. But to cut the long story short, it was nothing but a friendly argument about Axie Infinity, NFTs, GameFi, etc.

The 2nd meetup of Web3 Lounge was held at the Beanleaf Coffee & Tea in IT Park Cebu last September 17, 2022.

The number of attendees has grown a bit. There were familiar faces from the 1st meetup who attended, but mostly there were new ones who are from the Colon Street Bets group. The notable attendees of that event are Profloki Crypto who has his own Youtube channel for cryptocurrency traders, Gota Ueda the co-founder of Tempura DAO & Raine Laluna the co-founder of Filipinas NFT.

The main agenda that time was about the Ethereum merge in which we are sharing our honest thoughts, reactions and opinions like the positives and negatives about it. After that, we just simply enjoy connecting, networking, learning and sharing from each other that would help the crypto, Web3 & NFT community grow even more in the Queen City of the South.

Overall, both the 1st and 2nd meetup of Web3 Lounge Cebu are a success. After all, it’s all about letting the people aware that there are meetups happening in the Queen City of the South and maybe in other areas in the Visayas region.

For the upcoming 3rd meetup of Web3 Lounge Cebu, it will be on October 22, 2022 at the Beanleaf Coffee & Tea in IT Park Cebu.

You can RSVP here:

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