[Event Recap] Web3 Philippines First Ever Community Meetup

Web 3 PHL, a Filipino-led blockchain community had its first-ever meetup last September 30, 2022. Here’s a recap of what happened.

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“With Web3 Philippines, we bring web3 here in the Philippines!” –Kristian Quirapas

Filipino-led blockchain community Web3 Philippines recently conducted its first-ever meetup last September 30, 2022, at the Draper Startup House in Makati City. The event was attended by Filipino web3 pioneers, leaders, enthusiasts, developers, and others.

The meetup highlighted talks with the members of the community such as Paul Soliman, Co-Founder Bayanichain x Likha, who talked about what is web3; Warren Gonzaga, Web3 PH co-founder, who talked about building in web3 with thirdweb; and Kristian Quirapas, Web3 Philippines founder, who talked about the Web3 Philippine community itself.

In Paul’s talk, he discussed the difference between web1, web2, and web3. He also tackled the use cases of the new technology as well as cryptocurrency in real-life applications.

After his talk, there was a short break then the commencement of the team building activity where the attendees were grouped into 4 and were tasked to create a jingle and an idea for a web3 use case in real life.

The first group to present, Team Pepperoni, proposed the all-in-one digital identification card called D-ID, a decentralized ID that solves the multiple ID requirement in PH wherein it contains most of a person’s information from school credentials, medical records, and other personal stuff. 

According to one of its members, for entities to access a piece of certain information, such as medical records, the user and the one requesting access will need to have an OTP type of transaction to confirm the sharing of information to protect the user’s personal info.

The second team, Link2Go, proposed a platform of the same name that aims to mix use cases of different social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Bumble, and others that utilize a concept called proof-of-collaboration where users can create connections and earn credits to increase their credibility on the platform.

Team Jihoz, which is led by Bitskwela Founder Jiro Reyes, presented 2 projects. The first one is  (non-fungible token) “NFTrees” which functions a bit like Gcash’s GForest but instead of Gcredits, this utilizes NFTs. The second proposal is called “OnlyStreams” where they will make a decentralized platform for streamers and content creators to monetize their contents via crypto. The last project is “Connect-to-earn” which basically allows users to earn when they make connections through a platform. 

The last team to present was VolunToken, which aimed to create an NFT reward system that rewards volunteers with tokens in exchange for their good deeds.

The winner of the team building session, decided by the two judges Eli Rabadon and Aleo Indong, is team Link2Go. The winners of the team-building activity brought home official bags from Polygon.

“Web3 Philippines will bring web3 to your doorstep. And we will make sure that building with web3 will become easier as we go because Web3 Philippines is here,” Quirapas stated in his ending speech.

The partners of the community also gave their messages via recorded videos. This includes Nas.io, Web3 Korea, and Web3 San Francisco in collaboration with thirdweb.

As the event concluded, the attendees were given t-shirt merchandise from Web3 Philippines. 

Photo for the Article - [Event Recap] Web3 Philippines First Ever Community Meetup

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