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Guild of Guardians NFTs Are Available On Immutable X

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The non-fungible tokens (NFT) of Guild of Guardians, one of the most awaited mobile blockchain-based RPG games with over 130K+ players on its waitlist, is now available on Immutable X, one of the pioneer layer-2 scaling solution projects on the Ethereum blockchain.

Recently, Guild of Guardians announced minting and trading of its NFTs acquired on the “Founder’s Sale”, wherein they will charge a percentage of the total amount as royalty on every secondary trade of the NFTs. However, since the game is in its initial stage, they halted temporarily the charging of trading fees.

Here’s how to mint the Guild of Guardians NFT: 


1) First step is to make sure your Metamask wallet is already connected to Immutable X.

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Note: Read BitPinas’ beginner’s guide to MetaMask here.

2) After linking, the NFT minting usually takes around 5-15mins depending on the network load of the Ethereum blockchain.

After minting the Guild of Guardian NFT, it can be listed right away in any marketplace that currently supports it.

As of this writing, here are the two (2) marketplaces where users can trade their minted NFTs that are compatible with Immutable X:

  • Immutable Official Marketplace
  • TokenTrove Marketplace

Guild of Guardians, a mobile game inspired by Diablo and Dungeons & Dragons, aims to have a soft launch of its iOS and Android version in early 2022. According to the team, since they are focused on mobile, its play and earn mechanics gives them a 30% lower acquisition costs vs traditional games.

Guild of Guardians also have partnerships with Naavik, a game research, consultancy and advisory firm who already works with clients such as Square Enix, Ubisoft and Facebook. It also has a partnership with Yield Guild Games, a Filipino-led play-to-earn gaming guild which aims to bring players together and earn via NFT games.

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