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July 30, 2018 Updated

What a year this was for cryptocurrency.

We started Bitpinas with the intention of relaying information to Filipinos everything about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is on track to become much more popular next year. Recently, however, we have seen a steady amount people in the country using bitcoin as a front to make people invest in something they don’t know.

We are all bitcoin learners. The blockchain technology is new. As such, it is important that we engage in this activity with everything we can know about it. Bitcoin is not just about making money. Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and the blockchain are more than that.

So at Bitpinas, we try to make sure that everything is explained as simple as possible. If we have more information, we will be more able to distinguish bitcoin from bitcoin fraud. We will be able to compare transaction costs and decide which ones are better for us. We won’t be lured by promises of big returns, because we know that bitcoin is more than the price value.

And with that, we hope to continue sharing information next year. Expect the first newsletter to arrive this January, so if you haven’t done so yet, please sign up now!

Happy new year from Bitpinas! Hope to see you soon!

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