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How FilipinasNFT Empowers Women in the Philippine Crypto Art and NFT Space

In a currently male-dominated field, a collective of women emerged to empower and encourage Filipina artists to enter and flourish into the non-fungible token (NFT) space.

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Editing by Michael Mislos and Meghan Lim.

“We are for women and we stand for women and our goal is to empower, inspire, and support one another.” 

In a currently male-dominated field, a collective of women emerged to empower and encourage Filipina artists to enter and flourish in the non-fungible token (NFT) space.

FilipinasNFT is an initiative and community founded by a group of women who share the same goals and ideals. It aims to be “a springboard for artists, particularly Filipinas, to realize their full potential.”

“We want to be a conduit of knowledge especially to women who are just starting in the NFT space. We are no experts but we are constantly learning everyday through community engagements and synergy. Together, we are building a solid foundation and creating a safe environment for women.”

Ella Alexis Pelarion

The all-female powerhouse behind the project are Reese Cortez, Khat De Guzman, Mitchie Lou Canlapan, Ella Alexis Pelarion, Kata Okado, Elyssa Bucasas, Patty Tiu, and Angelica So. Each of them are NFT creators, artists, and collectors which have already made a name of their own in the Philippine NFT market scene.

The 13 founders of the FilipinasNFT are affiliated with communities and projects like Scarletbox.io, Village of Alunsina, Bity Presidente, Soxies, Get Rugged, Seven, Indigenous Women Fighters, Ark of Dreams, First Mint Fund, Near Gang Couture, and CryptoArtPH.

In an interview with BitPinas, Pelarion stated that FilipinasNFT was founded because “many female artists are left in the dark in this male-dominated field, and we want to be the ones to shine a light on them.”

She noted that the initiative of giving them the chance to mint their artworks for the first time is only the beginning. To them, onboarding these artists will be revolutionary because this is the future, where women will be able to be themselves, displaying who they are and who they want to be. 

Pelarion stated that knowing these provides the founders a “sense of accomplishment and leaves us with a lasting legacy.”

“As a women-run community, we aim to empower, inspire and support one another and the initiative of this open call: is to showcase female artists in and outside of the NFT space into web3. We will also mentor them and guide them, to help them build their confidence, to unlock their potential by providing them positive influences to inspire them to create.”

Angelica So

FilipinasNFT onboards female artists in the space by offering them the initial funding to kickstart their NFT journey. According to them, artists can choose which blockchain to mint their NFTs; though the founders encourage them to start their projects on layer 1 protocols. This initiative is in partnership with First Mint Fund.

“Preferably on ETH since the funds will come from that blockchain,” Angelica So told BitPinas.

When asked about what the applicant will give in return upon successful minting, the founders answered that they don’t expect anything in return— not “a percent or even a cent.”

“We just want them to actively participate in the community. Teach artists who just began in the NFT space, give them tips, guide them without hesitations and be an inspiration to them. We want them to have this sense of belongingness and have constant engagements not just in FilipinasNFT, but all throughout the community. Most importantly, we want them to keep creating, showing the world their creativity, uniqueness, stories and persona. Having to help without asking for anything is already fulfilling and that – that is something money can’t buy,” Pelerion answered.

So added that “there is no catch” and FilipinasNFT already feels fulfilled to have helped fellow Filipinas realize their potential and to get them onboarded to the metaverse. 

“And even if they’ve already minted, we’d still be just a text away to help them and give to them assistance whenever they need it. But then again, if they’d be willing to give back. We’d love and appreciate it if they could just do the same and help an aspiring female creator to get onboard here in web3,” she added.

The structure and function of FilipinasNFT follows that of First Mint Fund, which provides free ETH to pay for gas fees for Filipino artists who will mint their NFT art for the first time. (Read more: How to Mint Your First NFT With First Mint Fund |  NFT Minting Party for Filipinos)

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