Christian John Sales of Moneywise Alpha on Cryptocurrencies, Regulations, Etc

The former senior manager and investment banker shares insights about cryptocurrency, his book, and regulations in the Philippines.

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BitPinas got the chance to interview Christian John Sales, author of MoneyWise Alpha and the book “Bitcoin Money”. The former senior manager, investment banker, and tech lead at Juan Exchange shares his insights about cryptocurrency, his book, and regulations in the Philippines:

Tell us more about your background?

Hello Bitpinas, thank you for this interview. Well I was born here in Manila but moved to the US when I was only 5 years old and lived in California for about 30 years. I have a B.S. in Computer Science from Calpoly San Luis Obispo and a dual MBA from Asia Pacific University (Malaysia) and Staffordshire University (U.K.). I just moved back to the Philippines last November after working in Singapore for a bit. Most recently, I was a Senior Product / Investment Manager for a venture capital firm based in Makati. Now, I’m the lead blogger for MoneyWiseAlpha.com and also an active cryptocurrency investor, trader, miner, staker, lender and educator.

What got you into Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies?

Well when I started my MBA back in 2017, Bitcoin and Blockchain related technologies were really being hyped up. I decided to learn how to day trade cryptocurrencies and mine them too. Furthermore, I devoted my master’s dissertation on the subject of cryptocurrencies.

Tell us more about your book Bitcoin Money and why did you write this book?

For my masters dissertation research, which my book is partially based,  a total of 14 Academics consisting of 6 professors, 3 graduate students and 5 undergraduate students were interviewed for this study. However, only the top 10 best interviews were analyzed for my study.  In addition, I attended 3 major cryptocurrency-related events. The top nine best presentations from these 3 cryptocurrency-related events were analyzed in my study. Areas of research emphasis were with regards to the 3 main case study focus areas of awareness, perceived usage and perceived growth potential with respect to the cryptocurrency industry and its underlying blockchain technology.

As I discussed the topic of cryptocurrencies with experts in the field and attended related conferences and seminars, I became knowledgeable of both active and passive ways to generate income with cryptocurrencies. In addition, as I was practicing day trading, investing, and mining cryptocurrencies at the same time, I also became aware of both common pitfalls and good strategies to use. For my book, I compiled the top 20 ways to generate income with cryptocurrencies using 10 active methods and 10 passive methods. It is my pleasure to present both my research and real-world experience to readers!

What can be learned in Bitcoin that is most useful to Filipinos?

After reading my book, people will know how to make money with cryptocurrency. They will be able to recover the $2.99 USD cost of the E-book in a short while.

In this book readers will learn the following about cryptocurrencies:

– Awareness of
– Perceived Usage
– Growth Potential
– Active Income Generation Methods
– Passive Income Generation Methods
– How To Avoid Common Scams
– How To Secure Your Crypto Assets
– And much more!

What is your opinion on the current regulations regarding cryptocurrencies in the Philippines?

I have worked in other Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia and Singapore too. The Philippines in comparison, has a great demographic for cryptocurrency usage in my opinion!  Many people here in the Philippines are unbanked but almost everyone has a smartphone, plus financial regulations and many banks are open to cryptocurrency usage. I can see the Philippines being in the forefront of cryptocurrency mass adoption in the not too distant future.

 I’ve seen you at a JuanExchange event, I want to know your opinion on this question: Does the Philippines have enough users (can provide enough volume) for the many cryptocurrency exchanges vying for a BSP License?

Yeah, I remember you asking me that question. One of the reasons that I’m no longer working for JuanExchange is that I feel that the market is being saturated with too many cryptocurrency exchanges but mass education about cryptocurrency usage is still severely lacking. This is one of the primary reasons why I started my blog, MoneyWiseAlpha.com, and writing books in order to educate people about cryptocurrency usage and financial freedom in general.

Other books you can recommend to the a) Bitcoin Investor b) Blockchain Developer

Well I personally prefer educational online resources such as YouTube Channels: ReadySetCrypto, Data Dash, and AMTV for Bitcoin Investors in order to get the most up to date information about cryptocurrency investment opportunities. Books can easily get outdated with respect to cryptocurrency investments. This is one of the reasons why I prefer to have a digital E-Book, Bitcoin Money: The Top 20 Ways To Make Income With Cryptocurrencies, that I can easy update every few months.

In terms of actual coding for a Blockchain Developer, I recommend courses on Udemy.com, Lynda.com, and Coursera.org to learn from current leaders in blockchain-based development.

I was told you are interested in writing more books, what topics are you going to explore?

Yes definitely! Bitcoin Money: The Top 20 Ways To Make Income With Cryptocurrencies is only my very first book in a planned series!

I also plan to create other books and educational videos on other related topics such as:

  • Monetary Wisdom
  • Decentralized Applications and Gaming
  • Fundamental Analysis & Understanding Market Cycles
  • Technical Analysis & Trading
  • Best Use Cases for Blockchain Technology
  • Disruptive Technologies

In addition, I plan on launching educational video blogs on popular video sharing platforms soon!

Check out John’s book at http://www.moneywisealpha.com/bitcoin-money/

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