Leah Callon-Butler – Philippine Women Blockchain Influencers

“The technology industry has traditionally struggled with women’s participation, but I believe we are starting to see some change.” – Leah Callon-Butler

Photo for the Article - Leah Callon-Butler - Philippine Women Blockchain Influencers

Blockchain and cryptocurrency allow for the creation of new digital economies centered around trust, privacy, security, and the dynamics of decentralization. With new economies come new opportunities and with new opportunities, new and innovative business models are emerging.

Photo for the Article - Leah Callon-Butler - Philippine Women Blockchain Influencers

The disruption of existing economies with tokens under blockchain is changing lifestyle brands as well. Leah Callon-Butler, the Chief Impact Officer and Co-Founder of Intimate.IO understands that technology that incorporates lifestyle must technically and socially be responsible in promoting the aspects of trust, privacy, and security of its community.

Intimate.IO (intimate ITM) is a token for payments, privacy, and reputation for the adult industry. Centered around privacy and security, Intimate.IO allows for an alternative way to access content and pay for services while maintaining one’s anonymity while still able to provide a secure way of verifying one’s identity.

In the company’s first year, the Intimate digital wallet and token have driven its uptake to individuals, brands, and platforms while continuously improving its oracles and supported attributes. This year, the company aims to strengthen its platform security, payment optimization, and programmed incentives.

Leah Callon-Butler has played a large part with Intimate.IO’s aggressive market uptake and ability to scale — in support to its rapid acquisition of channel partners. The merits attained by Intimate.IO include securing a total 11 award nominations across various industry awards for 2018/2019, which includes winning ‘Best New Company – Industry Choice’ at the 19th Annual Cybersocket Web Awards. Leah has been nominated for Women in Adult (WIA) Woman of the Year and Progressive Leadership Award’ at the 2019 XBIZ Executive Awards.

Driving startup ideas to meet its monetization model in a short amount of time is a leadership trait that Leah has demonstrated time and time again in her career; In regional Australia, she led a community bulk-buy project that saw $6.5M of solar technologies installed. She transformed a backyard ‘scratch and sniff’ printer startup into an international sensory advertising agency that was able to achieve 12x revenue growth over a three year period. Leah also founded a business development consulting company that worked with bootstrapped startups on commission-only terms.

Photo for the Article - Leah Callon-Butler - Philippine Women Blockchain Influencers

Under Intimate, Leah has written and published several thought leadership articles exploring the intersection between technology, society, and culture for publications. The brand has gained exposure and got featured in over 100+ global publication platforms. To date, Leah has been appointed to a number of community leadership roles that includes the status of being an ambassador and spokesperson for the Women in Blockchain global network.

In charting the course for startups in achieving a global market reach, Leah believes in the balance of business and social responsibility. ‘Profit for Purpose’ is a major theme in her leadership style that acknowledges corporate-social responsibilities within ethical business practices and comply with information security of communities and consumers.

Blockchain in the Philippines

The Philippines consists of over 7,000 islands and that unique disposition in terms of geography has its share of development problems. The centralized economy under the National Capital Region (NCR) has allowed for Metro Manila to develop into a major economic hub in Asia, but the same factor of centralized growth has its share of disadvantages as other provinces are just starting to catch up while other provinces remain underdeveloped. This has led to non-inclusive growth and a wide income inequality gap as 31 percent of the country’s 100 million population remain unbanked.

Despite these challenges, Leah believes that blockchain can help foster an economy of inclusive development for the nation. This is why the country has been attracting the most forward thinking of people when it comes to blockchain utilization in order to provide identity to millions living under poverty and to the disenfranchised – where identity will grant them access to government social services.

Women in Blockchain

Photo for the Article - Leah Callon-Butler - Philippine Women Blockchain Influencers

When it comes to women in tech, Leah Callon-Butler believes that change is happening in the industry. “The technology industry has traditionally struggled with women’s participation, but I believe we are starting to see some change.”

“Organizations such as Women in Blockchain Manila, Women Who Code Manila, and Coding Girls Manila are providing excellent resources and support for female developers who want to enter the world of blockchain,” said Leah.

Blockchain is a nascent technology and Leah believes that there are plenty of opportunities for women within the disruption. “Given that the technology is at such an early stage, there is incredible opportunity to make huge contributions to shape the future of this industry, and promoting diversity will ensure we build holistic and inclusive technologies for all.”

This article originally appeared on BitPinas: Leah Callon-Butler – Philippine Women Blockchain Influencers

The Women in Blockchain Series Part. 1 continues next week with profile articles about the blockchain influencers above. This article is written by Ms. Gail Cruz Macapagal of Dynaquest on behalf of the Philippine Blockchain Association.

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