New NFT Initiative Seeks to Raise Funds for Foster Children

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A non-profit organization for foster children has partnered with a Filipino-led NFT marketplace to launch a series of NFT art to help with their education.

For years, the non-profit organization Humanility has been rescuing and rehabilitating street children who were once abandoned and exploited in the Philippines and globally. Under their care, they provide the children with a foster home for their development and upbringing. 

As a non-profit organization, its primary source of income is donations. And foster homes will require quite an amount to give these children a life better than what they have experienced before. 

This is the driving motivation behind “Empowered Children – From the Streets to School – Art Collection” – a unique collection of 76 NFTs – hand-drawn illustrations created by foster children currently under the care of Humanility Philippines. 

The NFTs are available on Likha, a Filipino NFT marketplace that is currently in beta. 

“This is an art collection of our empowered children (from street to school) ages 5-21 yo from the Humanility Shelter in Bogo City, Cebu. The proceeds of this collection will go to their Computer Learning Center and Education Fund.”

Humanility Philippines

“The collection, all of which are hand-drawn and with each set piece — expresses the hopes, dreams, and aspiration of each child – all encapsulated into NFT format,” says Gail Cruz Macapagal, Humanility’s Country Representative for the Philippines.

As uniquely identifiable digital assets on the blockchain, everyone can find out who created a particular NFT and the people who bought and owned it at different points in time. Therefore, the children’s names are forever stored in the blockchain as creators of these illustrations, something that will be with them for the rest of their lives.

One of these children is Daniel Paul, 13yo. He described his creation The Sunset:

“I love watching sunsets. One time while I was watching the sun go down, I realized that we all can chill and relax despite the things happening around the Earth.”

With the current saturation of NFTs in the market in various formats (game, virtual land, art), many collectors often look at a particular NFT’s utility before buying them. There are artists who also tie physical items to their items. For example, it may be buying an NFT art that entitles the collector to the physical painting it is based on. 

But the sale of the NFTs in Humanility’s collection, in essence, is really a fundraising event to help support these foster children achieve their goals. According to Gelo Wong, the CEO of Likha, NFTs are a great way for artists to have access to potential collectors they might otherwise not have access to before.

“[NFT] is a great way to incentivize users to participate in fundraising as it taps a new demographic and audience.”

Gelo Wong, CEO of Likha

Wong also highlighted the blockchain’s key feature – transparency. “Transparency is highly apparent in the blockchain. Donators will be able to see the amount raised and where the proceeds will go,” he said further.

“Through a good cause like Humanility, donators get to take home a piece of the fundraising program via NFTs. This acts as a form of souvenir and/or memorabilia.”


Macapagal further said:

“By purchasing a part of the collection, NFT collectors are not only empowering the children of Humanility – but are also becoming a part of the children’s journey into their future careers – whether it is art, the sciences or technology – we all can become a meaningful part of their journey.”

Gail Cruz MAcapagal, Humanility’s Country Representative for the Philippines

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