List of PH Axie Infinity, Crypto, and Crypto Art Community Donation Drives Typhoon Odette Victims

The following guilds and individuals have publicly broadcasted their donation drives and pledges to contribute to the relief efforts of the affected communities, that you can also contribute to.

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By Nath Cajuday

Keeping the Bayanihan Spirit alive, the cryptocurrency community that composes of different gaming, art, and crypto guilds, and individuals, launched initiatives through fund raising of cryptocurrency and fiat currency to help in the relief and support efforts for the areas affected by Typhoon Odette that struck Visayas and Mindanao this weekend.

The following guilds and individuals (non-exhaustive list) have publicly broadcasted their donation drives and pledges to contribute to the relief efforts of the affected communities, that you can also contribute to:

YGG Pilipinas

Play-to-earn gaming guild Yield Guild Games, together with YGG Pilipinas, have already raised over Php10,000,000.00 (approximately $200,000.00), as of 4:53 pm of December 18th, upon announcing their “#cryptoayuda” fund raising project at the morning of December 17th.

YGG Pilipinas’ first donation, worth 2.5 ETH (Php481,611.00), was sent to a Siargao Medical Mission.

Follow YGG Pilipinas’ Facebook page and Twitter account to know more about the “cryptoayuda” project.

Nixtape and Axie Community

In the same morning of December 17th, Play-to-Earn Advocate Nix Eniego, also known as Nixtape, who also AVP at cryptocurrency exchange PDAX, pledged all of his earnings on all play-to-earn games like Axie Infinity “towards rebuilding and providing support for families devastated by the super typhoon #OdettePH” until Axie Infinity’s season 19 ends and opened the “#PlayForPH” donation drive, where crypto group Moonstakers Capital donated 300 USDT.  

Follow Nixtape’s Twitter account to know more about the “#PlayForPH” donation drive and his pledge.

There is also an outpour from the Axie Infinity community around the world, beginning with Jeff Zirlin, co-founder of Axie Infinity donating 10 ETH to the relief efforts.

EMC Gaming Guild and Founder Eric Cristobal

EMC Gaming Guild Founder Eric Cristobal announced on Saturday that he, together with the guild, will donate Php100,000.00 to help the affected families of the typhoon.

Follow Eric Cristobal’s Twitter account to know more about his pledge.

Art Relief Mobile Relief Kitchen

ARMK activated its local chapters in Visayas and Mindanao to support thousands of evacuees by providing hot meals.

CryptoArtPH Community

Artists from CryptoArtPH highlighted on Saturday that they are doing a fundraising NFT drop, where proceeds from the sales on hen, Rarible, and Objkt.com will be donated to the victims.

Crypto Art PH consists of Tezos artists. (Disclosure: The recent Tezmas PH campaign of BitPinas was sponsored by TZAPAC, the ecosystem arm of Tezos in Southeast Asia.)

Titik Poetry

Titik Poetry announced that it is auctioning Presenting LAKBAY – Tulong Tugon para sa Visayas, JM Lozendo on his announcement assured that the total earnings on the auction will be donated to the beneficiaries in Visayas. You can bid here.


YGG Axie Infinity Scholar VMG had his Midnight Charity Stream last Friday. According to VMG, the stream has collected a total of Php 45,000.00. The collected funds were sent to YGG’s Country Manager, Luis Buenaventura II.

Extra Rai

Extra Rai is also a YGG Axie Infinity Scholar that had his stream for a cause. According to his report on Twitter, the stream has collected a total of Php 45,000.00 and was sent to YGG’s Country Manager, Luis Buenaventura II.

The following donation drives and pledges just proves how strong the Bayanihan Spirit is despite differences in location, in hobbies, or in language.

“Shout Out Sa Mga Streamer Ng Axie Infinity Na Patuloy Na Gumagawa Ng Paraan Para mkatulong sa Community God Blessed Po Sainyo We Pray na Mas mArmi pa kayu Matulungan pagpalain Po Ang Bawat Isa,” a Facebook user commented on VMG’s announcement.

Digo Acuzar

NFT Artist Digo Acuzar on Twitter announced that he, together with his co- NFT Artists, raised a total of 13 $XTZ that will be used to purchase solar panels with charging stations. Acuzar on his Twitter thread announcement said that for those who want to donate more XTZ, send it to Hinabang Tez’s wallet.


JMC, who just had his very first mint on Rarible, decided to donate all the proceeds from the drop to the groups that do the relief efforts. 


The Filipino Photographer also released his NFT named “I hope you’re okay” for 0.5 XTZ. According to his announcement on his Twitter account, all the proceeds will also be sent to Hinabang Tez. 

Merit Circle

meritcircle.io on its Twitter account, announced that it is accepting donations and funds that will be used to supply and cover basic needs and help in rebuilding houses. 

Visit its announcement thread to know its Ronin and Ethereum addresses, here

Monggons NFT

Egon Layson of Monggons NFT released his NFT art “Box” on Rarible. According to him, proceeds will be donated to the victims in one of the country’s local communities.

Alex B

Alex Berge expressed on twitter that he is receiving donations and funds that will then be sent into the local organizations and directly to community leaders close to Alex. 

Follow Alex’s Twitter thread  to know the BTC and ETH addresses of Alex, and to where the funds are allocated. 


Gaming Guild Metagoons also opened their arms in accepting donations and funds. According to the guild’s report, total donations collected as of December 21 at 6:50 AM is already at ₱1,516,597.60. Funds will be used for relief goods,and rebuilding assistance for the victims.


Follow Metagoons on Facebook and Twitter accounts for more updates, and to what accounts are available for donation. 


SuperWhale conducted “Raid-A-Thon” that raised about Php 523,745.25 ($10,500.00) and was donated to YGG Pilipinas’ fund raising activity.

Axies Alert PH

Axies Alert PH on its twitter account also announced that as of December 20 at 12:00 PM has already reached Php 693,781.00 ($13,910.00). 

In addition, Axis Alert PH announced its “#TulongPinoy: Concert for a Cause” that will also help raise funds that will be delivered to the families affected, the concert will be live at Axies Alert PH Facebook Page, at 4:00 pm of December 21. 

Follow AAPH’s Twitter Account for more updates. 

Crypto for Rai 

A professional twitter account named “Crypto For Typhoon Rai (Siargao, PH)” is accepting donations. According to the account’s report, the organization already received a total of Php 1,684,272.23 (more than $33,000.00), as of December 21, 2021 at 1:00 pm. 

Check the organization’s mastersheet of donation and funds here

Twitter Thread of the organizations different accounts on where to donate, here


Please be reminded to just donate to the accounts given by the official pages of the organizations initiating donation drives, as there are some scammers that are trying to impersonate other groups just to take advantage of the situation to gain money. 

Luis Buenaventura II expressed that he was impressed by the small amount of donations coming, implying that everyone wants to help.

“@YGGPilipinas has received a lot of big donations from crypto whales, but the ones that I am most impressed by are the ones coming thru GCash a few hundred pesos ($5-10) at a time,” he added.

Buenaventura stated that the “bite-sized” donations push the guild to work harder on its typhoon response.

“Your generosity is proof that wagmi,” he ended.

Typhoon Odette may have washed some of the possessions we worked hard for. But remember:


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