Metacon PH Recap: Why Metaverse is a Big Deal?

Sven group discussed the ways on how brands should capitalize on opportunities in the metaverse.

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“The Metaverse is a big deal,” this is how Raizelle So described the opportunities that Web 3.0 can help in the industry, as the Executive Creative and Strategy Director of SVEN tackled about Merging the Power of All Webs to Drive Metaverse Success Today during the Metacon PH 2022.

“In 2021 alone, internet searches for ‘Metaverse’ actually increased by 7,200%. That’s huge and that’s crazy,” said So. “Because it’s not even driven by media, it’s actually individual searches, individual interests, which indicate individual curiosity. People are interested in the metaverse, and that means the Metaverse holds a huge potential for brands.”

Web versions augment and complement each other

“Web 1.0 ushered in the era of Websites: Web 2.0, the era of social media; and Web 3.0, the era of the Metaverse.”

The SVEN Representative explained that the existence of web3 does not mean that the Webs 1.0 and 2.0 should be ignored, but rather be used to enjoy more opportunities.

“A new web version does not mean forgetting the older ones. It simply enables your brand to augment and enrich the experience you’re able to bring to your consumers.”

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Photo for the Article - Metacon PH Recap: Why Metaverse is a Big Deal?

Integration is key

Because of the potential of web3, So discussed that integrating the three web versions will open more chances as an entity.

“An integrated vision in your Metaverse strategy today enables you to merge tried and tested Web 1.0 and 2.0 methodologies to your Web 3.0 ventures.”

She also shared the SVEN Metaverse Planning Framework to the viewers:

  • Purpose: Why do you want to be in the metaverse?
  • Experience: What kind of experience do you want to bring?
  • Audience: Who are you trying to appeal to and engage with?
  • Moments: When and how often do you want them to join you?
  • Platform: Which metaverse platform is the best for your brand? Or should you create your own?
  • Output: How will you make your metaverse goals happen?

Strategic Validation

The third thing that So stressed is to have a good strategic plan in able to successfully attract consumers.

  • Make it magical: Consumers regard brands in the metaverse as an innovative, so make sure you deliver creativity and novelty at a premium.
  • Make sure to integrate: With web3 at its infancy, success in the metaverse today entails heavy maximization of Web 1.0 & 2.0 – websites and social media today are what will enable discovery, awareness, interest, conversation, and validate the impact of your metaverse project.

 “The core digital marketing thinking remains the same for the metaverse as it is with other digital ang social media platforms. It’s a matter of identifying the role of the metaverse in your brand ecosystem,” the Executive Creative and Strategy Director of SVEN concluded.

Metacon PH 2022 is a two-day experience presented by SVEN, PDAX, Nextech AR, Anito Legends, Qairos, 8Chain, YGG Pilipinas, Stanible, and Bitskwela.

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