Michelle Suede – Philippine Women Blockchain Influencers

Michelle Suede thinks that while change can be a hard thing to adapt to, it can also bring new opportunities not only for business but also how we entrust our information into the transparent and decentralized architecture of blockchain.

Photo for the Article - Michelle Suede - Philippine Women Blockchain Influencers

Change is inherent in technology. What drives change is the necessity to adapt to the changing times to and to be in a better position to improve productivity while being able to service essential factors such as trust, security, integrity, versatility, and innovation.

Blockchain is a nascent technology that will bring about many changes; from the way we do business, on how we administrate information and how we look at the concept of trust based on information systems.

For Michelle Suede, a managing partner of Stepwyze, a blockchain solutions company that specializes in automation, change – is as natural as the elements around us. While changes can be a hard thing to adapt to, changes bring new opportunities not only for business but also how we entrust our information into the transparent and decentralized architecture of blockchain.

Changes Brought by Blockchain

As the computing mechanism that powered bitcoin’s cryptocurrency, blockchain has branched out as a foundational computing technology across the industries of banking, finance, trade, and among others. Today, blockchain’s identity is a decentralized technology that allows serial automation on transactions and information governance.

Businesses and information governance are being changed by blockchain’s influence. The main drivers are the consortiums – comprised of Fortune 500 companies and tech titans, that have since developed blockchain technology as a fundamental answer to the decades-long problems and modern challenges on gaps, stoppages, and inefficiency of transactions under the human-data-computing interactions.

Having worked with numerous blockchain projects and being well-versed in blockchain’s permissioned and permissionless architecture, Michelle noted that blockchain can be a technology that can help end a fundamental problem in society: corruption.

“Two major issues hindering growth in the Philippines are corruption and inefficiency, and the former exacerbates the latter. The system is kept inefficient for corruption to continue. As an OFW daughter, growing up with one parent living abroad, I have always hoped for Philippine governance to be improved, although I am happy to see many positive changes happening over the last few years.”

Photo for the Article - Michelle Suede - Philippine Women Blockchain Influencers

Michelle is passionate about technology bringing meaningful change to the country. “I was driving in NLEX a few weeks ago and happened to see a large billboard featuring President Rodrigo Duterte. He was quoted on the need for a platform that will empower government to better serve the citizens. I truly resonate with that statement and was delighted to see that our President understands the need for the Philippines to change the flawed system of generations past. This is why I’m very optimistic about how blockchain will change the landscape through innovative and disruptive technology.”

In fostering governance built on transparency, integrity, and trust, Michelle notes blockchain’s potential to alleviate problems in society. “A Blockchain that is truly decentralized will create honest transactions and will provide a business and economic environment free from dishonesty.  Just as slavery ended when the combustion engine was invented, Blockchain is a very powerful tool to free mankind from corrupt systems and people who seek control through deceptive means.”

Michelle is also heavily involved in the technical development of Stepwyze’s Blockchain solution for economic zones.

“Our team at Stepwyze is developing a blockchain operating system called “SEZCHAIN” for Special Economic Zones worldwide.  A digital decentralized economic operating system built on Blockchain technology, the purpose of SEZChain is to strengthen financial infrastructure and stimulate economic activity for Special Economic Zones (SEZs) around the world.” Michelle shared.

The Philippines also has several economic zones across the archipelago that was designated by several past administrations. Michelle and her team aim to improve the productivity of these economic zones through decentralized technology. “In the Philippines, we seek to connect the major Archipelago – Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.”

Women in Blockchain

Photo for the Article - Michelle Suede - Philippine Women Blockchain Influencers

Michelle is driven by passion and the fearlessness to speak up and take action. For women, Michelle states that blockchain still holds unexplored opportunities for anyone to discover through innovation.

“Being that blockchain is one of the latest technologies, there’s a lot of opportunity for career growth and expansion. I personally believe women will play a vital part in the adoption of the tech. A woman’s touch is a powerful force, having given natural abilities to nurture and teach people.”

This article originally appeared on BitPinas: Michelle Suede – Philippine Women Blockchain Influencers

The Women in Blockchain Series Part. 1 continues next week with profile articles about the blockchain influencers above. This article is written by Ms. Gail Cruz Macapagal of Dynaquest on behalf of the Philippine Blockchain Association.

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