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Step by Step Mint your Christmas NFTs for Tezmas 2022

Photo for the Article - Step by Step Mint your Christmas NFTs for Tezmas 2022

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Featured Image: Paskong Pilipino 2021 – A Christmas Contest Entry by Joel Chua, the first-place winner for last year’s Tezmas

Are you joining #tezmasPH 2022, the Pinoy Christmas-themed NFT minting contest, but don’t know where to start? Here’s a guide by BitPinas to help you – beginning with “minting” your NFT on the blockchain to submission.  But first, what is #tezmasPH:

Tezmas NFT Minting Competition

Tezos Philippines, partner of BitPinas, is thrilled to launch the 2nd Tezmas Campaign, a Christmas- themed NFT making contest!!

Supported by TZ APAC, the campaign is for artists and creators to create Christmas-themed NFTs with the theme “Christmas in the Metaverse”!

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Submissions are accepted from November 5 to December 12, 2022 with voting from December 13 to 16. 

A total of $1100 worth of tez will be given to the winners! 

Ranked Winners1st place – $400 in tez
2nd place – $300 in tez
3rd place – $150 in tez
4th place – $100 in tez
5th place – $50 in tez
Special PrizeMost Liked and Shared on Twitter – $100 in tez

Here are the steps in order to mint your NFT to the Tezos blockchain!

Step 1: Create your artwork!

There’s no limit to how you want to depict Pinoy  Christmas in the Metaverse through your artwork! A couple of ideas:

  • People waking up early in the morning for Simbang Gabi
  • Families lining up to buy puto bungbong or bibingka
  • Setting up parols
  • Caroling
  • Jose Marie Chan!
  • Now add your own metaverse flair!

Step 2: Set up your Kukai and Teia Accounts.

Minting is the process of putting your artwork on the blockchain. To begin, you need to have the following:

1) Set up your Kukai wallet (this is a browser-based wallet that’s easy to use and you can simply follow the instructions included or follow along with our article:

Photo for the Article - Step by Step Mint your Christmas NFTs for Tezmas 2022

2) Set up your Teia account 

Step 3: Obtain tez (XTZ)

You can send 1 tez from Binance or any other exchange to Kukai wallet. (Please check our Kukai guide.)

If you don’t have tez, and the admin will give you XTZ so you can mint! 

Step 4: Sync Teia with Kukai

Now that you have all the accounts and the tez, sync your Teia account with Kukai.

  1. Go to 
  2. Click Sync in the upper right
  3. Select Kukai Wallet, Click ‘Approve’ when prompted.
  4. If it says “failed” or not syncing, it may be because there is not enough tez in your account. 
  5. Go back to

Step 5: Mint your Art to Teia

Go to

1) Click the Menu or Hamburger button

2) Select “OBJKT (Mint NFT)”

3) Fill out your OBJKT information

4) Click “Preview” to see how your NFT will appear.

5) Click [Mint] then approve the instruction from your Kukai Wallet. 

6) Wait for the transaction to go through.

7) Check the wallet to confirm that the file was minted and reflected in your account.

The next step will be to send 1 edition of your art for the #tezmasPH campaign!

Step 6: Add Price, Add Editions, and Send One Copy to Contest Account

1) Go to Manage Assets, Click the NFT

2) Then click SWAP.

3) Input how many editions you want (please mint atleast 2 editions)

4) Click “Swap”.

5) Approve the transaction on your Kukai Wallet. 

6) Once the art is finally minted on on Teia, send 1 edition to the showcase page: tezmas.tez or tz2G9rfyqekEtbeC2dbVuDRYqfuxLhanbvA2

7) Finally, fill out this Google Form to confirm your participation! 

That’s it! 

Note: The NFT must be your original work, does not contain any copyrighted content, never been published/uploaded in the Internet before, and was never minted prior to the contest launch date of Nov. 5, 2022. 

Timeline of Events: 

Tezmas Launch WeekOct-24-28 ( Teaser Oct 22, 2022)
Twitter Space – Let’s Talk About Christmas in Web 3November 4, 2022
Twitter Space – Art CurationNovember 12, 2022
Workshop with GuhitPinasNovember 28, 2022
Workshop with another large group
Space – SHow your Tezmas WorkDecember 5, 2022
Minting Party – Final Day of SubmissionsDecember 12, 2022
Judges VotesDecember 13 to 16, 2022
Winner AnnouncementDecember 19, 2022


We are pleased to announce the judges for Tezmas: Multidisciplinary artist Bjorn Calleja, New York-based Filipino artist Sky Nicolas, Founder of blue-chip art NFT marketplace ScarletBox Sheree Gotuaco, Art curator and artist – founder of MeatSpace web3 gallery Aldrine Alarcon, Art Curator and founder of Galeria Paloma Kimi Rocha, and representing Sevi Loves Art the youngest NFT artist in the Philippines – April Agregado.

Community Partners

Crypto Art PHLeading crypto art community in PH
OwnlyNFT marketplace and gaming studio, leading web3 startup south of Manila
Salamax Cutie / Titik PoetryLeading NFT and Spoken Word Poetry group
Filipinas NFTA collective of Filipina creators, artists and collectors in the Web3 space.
FilipinWhoWe are a collective of Filipinos who wish to explore the, as well as pursue answers to the question of ‘Who is a Filipino’, primarily in the web 3.0 space.
ScarletBoxAsia’s Blue Chip Arts NFT Launchpad
GUHIT Pinasa registered non-profit organization that envisions the Philippines as the Art Capital of Asia.
Galeria PalomaArt gallery & art advisory. Experience-based art initiatives to further art appreciation and accessibility.
MeatSpaceWeb3 gallery
BitPinasCrypto publication
Web3 PhilippinesDeveloper-centric web3 community
CryptoPop Art GuildGuild for underprivilege artists in the metaverse
NFT PHilippinesLeading NFT community
Filipino Web3 CommunityBuilder-centric web3 community

We can’t wait to showcase the art you created for Tezmas! 



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