Myrtle Ramos – Philippine Women Blockchain Influencers

In establishing the Blockchain Innovation Tour, Myrtle is helping new Blockchain ideas take off the ground.

Photo for the Article - Myrtle Ramos - Philippine Women Blockchain Influencers

In the rapid industrialization of blockchain in the world’s macro economies of banking, trade, and finance, the biggest pioneers are often the many entities known as a branded consortium. A consortium is a large working group of collaborators that consist of the world’s largest corporations and big tech providers. Once competitors, these work groups have banded together to push blockchain’s large-scale industrialization; pioneering its innovation through real-world use cases that showcase blockchain’s world-changing properties.

Myrtle Ramos, the Country Business Director of the Asia Token Fund (ATF) and the Co-founder of the Blockchain Innovation Tour (BIT), knows that innovation does not always come from the top. Throughout history, small ideas have changed the world: from the ancient time of Democritus’ theory of the atom, to Nikola Tesla’s practical use of modern electricity to Bill Gates and Paul Allen’s concept of Microsoft as a personal computer. Starting at the humblest of origins, these once small ideas — nurtured by thinkers and pushed by dreamers alike, were instrumental in the development of society through technology.

In establishing the Blockchain Innovation Tour, Myrtle is helping new Blockchain ideas take off the ground by providing a venue for startups to showcase their innovative ideas and also a place to make networking connections.

Last year, the BIT 2018 tour that was held in Okada Manila, attracted blockchain investors, brands, companies, thought leaders, industry experts and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Known as Southeast Asia’s newest and most talked about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency tour, BIT is now in its second year with an event held April 28, 2019, in Okada Manila. The tour and showcase included stops in Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.

Photo for the Article - Myrtle Ramos - Philippine Women Blockchain Influencers

In her continuous work with the Token Asia Fund, a platform and ecosystem dedicated to digital currency, Myrtle is helping Asia and the world adapt to the concept of decentralized digital economies. Through ATF, users can start their cryptocurrency journey. In ATF, users can purchase their first coins or tokens, trade tokens, send tokens and use the platform to purchase services or products.

Helping Startups Change the World

Myrtle channels experience, technical skills and performance driven management in helping startups centered on Blockchain to ramp up their sales, marketing, monetization and reach their innovative potential. Having worked with GoDaddy as an account executive, Myrtle was able to pull in 10,000,000 million Pesos ($500,000 USD) worth of sales. Myrtle’s technical knowledge includes technologies centered around the operating systems of MAC OS, Windows, Linux and Unix.

In helping startups in their Initial Token Offerings (ITO) and Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), Myrtle is working with Faster Capital as the company’s country representative and project manager. With a diverse skill-set centered around traditional and digital marketing, investor relations, business development, quality assurance, PR and sales management, Myrtle provides consulting to both tech and non-tech startups.

In helping startups and companies, Myrtle believes that the synergy of innovation and aspiration are never too lofty in changing the world. “I believe that we are ready to experience all the decentralization and transparency Blockchain stands to offer humanity. Blockchain is only the beginning of a global network not just in the Philippines, where everyone can find identity in the community.”

Photo for the Article - Myrtle Ramos - Philippine Women Blockchain Influencers

Myrtle casts aside the myth of traditional gender roles and believes that innovation in Blockchain is open to all dreamers, aspirants and future innovators.

“Blockchain is beyond cryptocurrency. Blockchain is not gender-related. Blockchain stands to benefit all human-kind, all kind of systems and the many ways we do things – reimagined or improved under the Blockchain system.

In society, Myrtle believes that Blockchain can help secure information at the personal level.

“Blockchain is a second era of democracy providing unprecedented levels of privacy and security.”

This article originally appeared on BitPinas: Myrtle Ramos – Philippine Women Blockchain Influencers

The Women in Blockchain Series Part. 1 continues next week with profile articles about the blockchain influencers above. This article is written by Ms. Gail Cruz Macapagal of Dynaquest on behalf of the Philippine Blockchain Association.

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