NAS DAILY on Crypto: Be Greedy and HODL

“It’s time to be greedy. So, if you have anything you’ve wanted to build, do, invest in whatever.”

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Nuseir Yassin, widely known as Nas Daily a Youtuber with over 50 million followers, stated in an interview with Cointelegraph that crypto investors must “be greedy and hodl” amid the bear market.

“Even if it goes down to zero, I think I do believe there needs to be a way to capture value on the Internet. And, I’m taking a bet that Bitcoin is a once in a generation thing.” 

Nuseir Yassin, Nas Daily

At the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, he disclosed that the half a million dollars he invested in BTC is now just worth $300,000, adding with a smile that “it’s a great test of conviction.”

Nas invested $500,000 in bitcoin by the end of March, which at that time was worth $40,000 per BTC. To follow the “revolution that’s happening in the world,” Nas bought bitcoin at the same time his content took on a crypto focus. As of writing, the current price of Bitcoin (BTC) is at $31,000 (approximately ₱1.6 million). 

Nas told Cointelegraph that while his motivation is sharing stories that matter with his audience, “We must talk about crypto:”

“Crypto opened up my mind into the problems that exist today and how we can collectively fix them tomorrow. That’s why I’m excited. And, therefore, I should try to educate my audience about it as well,” he stated.

Moreover, NasDaily joked that the digital currency revolution is so important that he had to “force crypto down the throat of anybody that follows Nas Daily.”

Despite his $200,000 paper loss in his Bitcoin investment, Nas Daily said that he is buying more, adding another 3 BTC to his stack in the days prior to the WEF. 

Why I Believe In Crypto

“It’s time to be greedy. So, if you have anything you’ve wanted to build, do, invest in whatever. Everything now comes at a flash sale. I’m greedy today and for the next 12 months,” he expressed.

“Greedy when others are fearful” is a popular investing mindset attributed to legendary investor Warren Buffet, who said, “We simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful.”

Last February, Nas Daily featured the journey of Kooko Crypto TV, one of the first and most popular content creators of the play-to-earn game Axie Infinity, from being an Uber driver to a crypto millionaire. Kookoo’s story was shared in the second episode of Nas Daily’s Crypto Week. (Read more: Nas Daily Features Kookoo Crypto TV’s Crypto Journey)

That video also reannounced Kookoo’s partnership with Nas Daily’s online education platform, Nas Academy, which aims to teach other players Axie Infinity gaming strategies. (Read more:  Kookoo Crypto TV Partners with Nas Academy to Teach Axie Infinity Gaming Strategies)

Nas Academy Philippines have courses in cryptocurrencies, such as Master Crypto Fundamentals with Luis Buenaventura and Master NFTs with Ben Yu.

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