Looking Forward to the Next Three Years of BitPinas

Welcome to our new website, with increased coverage of blockchain, fintech, and cryptocurrency news. Here’s to the next three years of BitPinas.

BitPinas The Next 3 Years

You might have noticed an updated look and feel for the BitPinas website today. It has been a long road to here but there are exciting times ahead for BitPinas and the Philippines’ FinTech and cryptocurrency communities.

Last week marked the third birthday of BitPinas and I was thankful to the many colleagues who reached out with kind words about BitPinas and all that we’ve achieved. Quite a few people did think I was resigning, but that is not the case at all. I was feeling nostalgic and reflective. Today, I am incredibly proud to unveil the first step towards that future with a bright, shiny update to our trusty BitPinas website.

Three years ago BitPinas launched as a platform to post about Bitcoin so that we could educate and protect the emerging cryptocurrency community from scams here in the Philippines. Today, BitPinas has relaunched with a new design and an expanded mandate to inform, educate and inspire the next generation. In the coming months you will see more and more new content, new features and maybe even some giveaways.

BitPinas will continue to cover all the latest info coming out of the Philippines cryptocurrency scene but will be increasing our coverage for tech, FinTech and regulation. We want the whole ecosystem to grow in a safe and sustainable manner which includes business and regulation. 

We are looking to increase the number of staff writers we have, the regions we cover and we want to increase the number of expert contributors that have to supplement the likes of Atty Raf, Atty. Jay-r, Luis, Gail and Randy from DynaQuest. There is a bright and vibrant community out there hungry for knowledge and we intend to step up to that challenge.

We have been blessed by having colleagues who have also stepped up to meet that challenge head on by demonstrating their commitment to growing the ecosystem by supporting BitPinas to redevelop the platform and invest into future content and education. We would not have been able to achieve these recent upgrades without the support of Paxful, Coins.ph and Microsoft.

I look forward to continuing to bring you all the latest news and happenings for the next three years and then some. This site is a reflection of our community, so please share your feedback, share your ideas and most importantly share the knowledge contained in our articles.


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