Organizers Share Tips for Successful Crypto and Web3 Meetups

A panel of speakers share their insights with BitPinas on the best practices in organizing crypto meetups and events.

How to organize crypto and web3 meetups and events

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  • NFTxStreet co-founder JB Bon and Draper Startup House Manila’s Fe Almodiel and Cristian Munoz shared insights on organizing successful events during a Twitter Space session organized by BitPinas.
  • Bon shared his experience organizing a Web3 NFT Workshop in Baguio City and emphasized the importance of educating locals about blockchain technology and NFT minting. Munoz stressed the importance of financial planning and consistency, while Almodiel advised organizers to start with a clear purpose and consider their audience’s feedback.
  • The speakers also shared their dream events, including a panel discussion between cryptocurrency exchanges and interviews with the CEOs and founders of failed projects.

In a Twitter Space organized by BitPinas, speakers – JB Bon of NFTXStreet and Fe Almodiel and Cristian Munoz of Draper Startup House Manila shared their insights on the key factors that make an event successful as well as their dream events.

Speaking about his experiences during the Web3 NFT Workshop in Baguio City on January 23, 2023, JB admitted that some of the challenges his team faced were the lack of knowledge of the locals about blockchain technology, adding that local artists in the city had high expectations on the price of the minting fee, which is why some are afraid to explore the NFT industry. 

Yield Guild Games and the NFTxStreet community, co-founded by JB, organized the said workshop, which aimed to educate the artists on the basics of NFT minting, buying, selling, and marketing their digital assets in NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea.

Meanwhile, Munoz shared that the reason that Draper has the monthly Bitcoin, Beer, and Bitstories is to promote Bitcoin technology in the country. BitPinas is a co-presenter of the monthly BBB, which happens every last Thursday of the month. 

“I just wanted to bring awareness on what can we build on top of bitcoin technology,” Munoz explained, while hinting that he was never ‌a trader but more of a holder.

Regarding organizing a smooth and effective event, the Draper Founder emphasized the importance of the financial aspect, which the budget prepared should give a good place or venue. In the Philippines, it is common for bigger and more comfortable venues to have higher rental fees. 

Another thing that Munoz stressed was being consistent. According to him, community leaders must engage the community consistently. 

While for Draper’s Program Manager, logistics is one of the important factors in producing a memorable event: 

“If logistics fail, then the event is ruined. Participants might not come back again in the future. Give enough time to prepare.”

This idea is supported by JB, which highlighted that providing a good internet connection is part of a successful event, especially a hybrid event, an event that has a live audience and is being streamed online at the same time. 

The NFTxStreet co-founder also advised organizers to ask for feedback from the audience, reiterating that their feedback is one of the ways to improve and look for ‌lapses in the event. 

“Start with a purpose. Which problem are we trying to solve? Who are we trying to help with? Do a mind mapping. Define goals and means to execute the program. Know your audience,” Almodiel explained. 

The three were also asked about their ideal event:

  • JB: Free, invite-only, and hybrid event with an NFT ticket as an entrance pass.
  • Munoz: Paid, invite-only, and IRL event with an NFT ticket as an entrance pass.
  • Almodiel: Paid, invite-only, and hybrid event with both an NFT ticket and a traditional one as an entrance pass. 

Lastly, the speakers of the Twitter Space also shared their dream events that, if given a chance, they will organize. 

As per Michael Mislos, the Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of BitPinas, he is dreaming of having a panel discussion between all the exchanges like Coins.ph, PDAX, and Binance. 

It can be recalled that during the Global Blockchain Summit in Balanga City, Bataan, in which BitPinas is a media partner, a panel discussion called “Bringing Digital Asset to the Masses” happened with Coins.ph’s Eprom Galang, Binance PH’s Kenneth Stern, and Maya’s Alvin Wong. 

Another interesting answer was given by JB: to interview the CEOs, founders, and builders of projects that were rug-pulled or considered dead.

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