[Panel Recap] Does the FTX Collapse Affect Crypto PH?

The FTX collapse was a hot topic during the Philippine Web3 Festival. The first panels discuss its effect and future impact to crypto.

PH Web3 Fest FTX Panel

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  • The collapse of FTX has caused a loss of trust in the cryptocurrency industry and has been compared to the Lehman Brothers moment in 2008, according to Beryl Li, co-founder of Yield Guild Games.
  • Colin Goltra, COO of YGG, believes the exchange’s downfall was a natural result of market forces, and that the industry follows a four-year cycle of blow-ups.
  • Ramon Tayag, co-founder of BloomX, agreed with Goltra’s assessment but also emphasized the importance of learning from the FTX collapse and evaluating risks more carefully in the future.

“In crypto, we actually have real platforms, we actually have real games (that are) actually being built right now, and there (are) actually fundamentals behind them. And so despite the contagion, people within the industry who are real builders are really positive because of the innovation right now.”

This is the statement of Beryl Li, co-founder of Yield Guild Games (YGG), who, together with Colin Goltra, YGG’s chief operating officer (COO), and Ramon Tayag, co-founder of BloomX, participated in a panel discussion at the Philippine Web3 Festival, moderated by Michael Mislos, the Editor-in-Chief of BitPinas. The discussion focused on the impact of the FTX collapse on the web3 industry in the Philippines.

Photo for the Article - [Panel Recap] Does the FTX Collapse Affect Crypto PH?
Colin Goltra of YGG, Ramon Tayag of Bloom, Beryl Li of YGG, and Michael Mislos of BitPinas.

According to Li, one of the ripple effects of the downfall of FTX is the loss of trust, even comparing it to a financial crisis. 

“There’s a loss of trust within the industry. It’s actually the same thing with the financial crisis, right? We’ve just had a Lehman Brothers moment where people have actually lost trust; they don’t know whom to actually rely on these days. There are a lot of bankruptcies, which are like withdrawals from various exchanges like (what is) happening now. So I think it’s one of the challenges to date.”

The YGG co-founder is discussing the concept of the “Lehman Moment,” where the failure of a single entity can have far-reaching consequences and become a problem for the entire industry. This term originated after the 2008 bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, which initially affected investment banks in the United States, but eventually became a global issue.

On the other hand, Goltra insisted that the exchange’s collapse just really made a point about natural market forces: 

“I still believe that this situation is downstream of the Luna blow up and it’s a little bit of a folk belief for people that have been in the industry for a long time. But we are weirdly on these four-year cycles, loosely based on the not that loosely. But like there is a high correlation with kind of the Bitcoin halvening cycle and just there are blow-ups and there’s this four-year cycle.”

This is where Tayag agreed to this idea, but the BloomX co-founder also highlighted that lessons from this downfall should be learned, as “this is not the first (and) it’s not going to be the last. So, hopefully, people learn from this lesson and evaluate the risks some more in the future.”

The Role of CZ in the FTX Downfall

Photo for the Article - [Panel Recap] Does the FTX Collapse Affect Crypto PH?
Beryl Li, Co-Founder of Yield Guild Games

Meanwhile, when Mislos asked if the tweet of Binance CEO Changpheng “CZ” Zhao played a significant role in calling out Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), FTX’s CEO at that time, Li emphasized that CZ has the right because there was strong evidence against SBF: 

“So I’m a really big proponent of freedom of speech, right? And personally, I don’t mind CZ calling out SBF, for example, for as long as there is evidence—and the evidence was strong. So I’d rather it blow up today than blow up later because the consequences will be more severe if we actually find this out, like when they have like deposits of more than like $20 billion already, right?”

The YGG co-founder also stressed that CZ, being transparent at the time, exemplifies the importance of blockchain technology—transparency. Because “with blockchain technology and crypto, we’re actually able to provide the evidence that we need to be able to really, like call out people, for instance.”

Tayag then shared his experience where some people who came into a Bitcoin meet-up that he hosted asked him if it was really CZ’s fault. 

According to the BloomX chief, he immediately answered: “Well, you know, with all these blow-ups, there’s always some catalyst. Would you say it’s that catalyst’s fault, like they’ve been running their business apparently we all learn a certain way that made it more vulnerable to price movements in their token, right? And that’s what ultimately brought them down.”

Will the FTX Debacle Drive Filipinos to Move into Decentralized Finance? 

Photo for the Article - [Panel Recap] Does the FTX Collapse Affect Crypto PH?
Colin Goltra, COO of Yield Guild Games

Goltra admitted that though he is hoping for this to happen, there will still be people who will still choose centralized exchanges over decentralized finance:

“Certainly, I think a lot of people are learning a very expensive lesson here, and if, to the extent that a centralized exchange is a middle ground between full DeFi and not using crypto, I think there’s gonna be people going in both directions. So on the one hand, it’s gonna drive some factor of adoption to DeFi, but I do think there’s going to be also a large faction that just sits out the next crypto cycle and probably buys the top of the next market in like four years. So you know, I think it will drive some DeFi adoption, but I think people will also take the opposite lesson as well.”

However, Tayag insisted that, though he believes that the debacle will move people into DeFi, investors who lost money must first recoup their losses and get over it. This is where he highlighted the role of DYOR (Do your own research) first before entering the DeFi industry:

“I certainly hope that as people do their research, they don’t also think that everything available in crypto land is worth getting into, right? Like, you gotta know, just like for people who put their funds in centralized institutions, what kind of risk you’re thinking of when you use a smart contract? What stablecoin is it based on? And if it mostly relies on a stablecoin and that issuer blows up? You know, these are the scenarios that are very important to play in your head.”

The BloomX co-founder also shared that one of the things that he learned from investors in the traditional finance industry, is that investors who know how to manage their money, are “the ones that do well they’re the ones that did not blow up, they just they survived, right., they survived their 30-year, 40-year career in this space and so. Evaluating that risk is very important to do this well.”

Panel’s Conclusion

Photo for the Article - [Panel Recap] Does the FTX Collapse Affect Crypto PH?
Ramon Tayag, CTO of Bloom

“Sorry to see it happened. It’s brutal. Reach out, talk to people like this too shall pass. If you stick with it over many cycles, that’s how the wealth gets built. I think, you kind of, have to learn those lessons. You have to really take those like injuries in the market one once or twice before you really learn it and then you learn. Sort of these long-term time horizons that you know, help you get through it,” Goltra advised. 

Li also highlighted that failing is part of succeeding, as lessons can be learned through this: 

“Markets are cyclical, right? And during the bear market, it’s always the best time to build. And in the Philippines, we’re known as really great creatives and builders. So just keep building if you don’t have any exposure to the entire FTX debacle; just focus and build.”

Timeline of the FTX collapse covered by BitPinas:

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